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Friday, November 11, 2016

President Trump will Make Canada Great Again too

Elections have consequences. Ours just saved Canada's economy.

The CBC reported that the Conservative Party will use the election of Donald Trump to stop the carbon tax. Conservative Leader Rona Ambrose told reporters in Alberta on Thursday:
It's complete insanity that we would kneecap our own economy, and put ourselves at a competitive disadvantage with a carbon tax across this country, when we know that the Americans would never do that, and have no plans to do that.
Yes, cheaper American goods would damage the Canadian economy. We are Canada's largest trading partner -- and rival. More from Ambrose:
Why would we put our own families, and our own companies and our own workers at a competitive disadvantage — a carbon tax makes no sense anymore
But Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is being obstinate:
I think one of the things that people in Canada, and indeed around the world, understand is that there is tremendous economic disadvantage from not acting in the fight against climate change, for not pushing towards cleaner jobs and reducing emissions, towards not showing leadership at a time when the world is looking for leadership.
Carbon dioxide is a plant nutrient that is demonized by leftists who do not understand photosynthesis. Not requiring courses in hard sciences to secure a college diploma is costly. We now have a bunch of people who graduated from college knowing little about how science works. Some of them now run countries.

No one knows if the world is getting warmer, much less if it is caused by man. But what is caused by man is this panic over a nutrient we desperately need if we are to feed eight billion people.

Under the leadership of President Trump, the world will turn away from this folly.

You are welcome, Canada.

Oh, the CBC story is here.


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  1. Won't any economic benefits arising from abandoning a Canuck carbon dioxide tax be ruined by all the parasitic Democrat leftards immigrating northwards to Camp Permafrost?

  2. Lefties... idiots, one and all.

  3. Depends on who you talk to. Donald will put Keystone on a fast track, but Justin will throw a pout and attempt to raise tariffs. Oughta be interesting.

  4. I disagree wholeheartedly. Trudeau and his ilk are right. They should go to the utmost lengths to virtue signalling to the world about climate change and hamstring their economy. It's the Christian thing to do. Especially for people who don't practice Christianity any more.

  5. Just a note that the instructors that teach BIO-101 are now recurrent dues paying members of the climate [whatever] religion. The older ozone-slapped faculty have now moved on to admin positions as assistant vice under interim provosts.

  6. The thought of Canada providing a safe space for memes like Trigglypuff made me put two and two together.

    Now we know what happened to Bingo, the Banana Split on the left.

    Google it. The resemblance is striking.

  7. Anybody who would elect an airhead like Baby Trudeau deserves what happens, but it will impact us, eventually, so I guess we should lead from the front.