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Monday, November 21, 2016

President Trump used "Hamilton"

Alexander Hamilton founded the New York Post on November 16, 1801. It castigated the cast of the musical "Hamilton" on Sunday for disrespecting Mike Pence from the stage.
Too much has been made of this incident.

Much to the delight of President Trump, which I will explain later.

The "Hamilton" lecture arose because the Loony Left takes itself too seriously. The assumption that Pence needs to be lectured on American history is unbelievably wrong.

And yet he listened.

An actor had something to say. Said it. Pence heard.

As the Post pointed out, when do the actors start listening?

From the Post editorial:
In Sunday’s Post, Michael Goodwin asked liberals to consider that they might be “ignorant” about the lives of Trump voters — that they wrongly “swallowed, hook, line and sinker” the “caricature of them the Democratic Party and the national liberal media created.”
Liberals dominate the national media (and most local media, too) — as well as Hollywood, Broadway and Silicon Valley. Red America has no choice but to listen to Blue America all the time.
And, sorry, it’s Blue America that routinely screams “shut up” to voices it doesn’t want to hear. That’s the essence of political correctness, and not just on campus: Recall, for example, the PC condemnation of the incredibly sensitive and nuanced “red” film, “American Sniper.”
When you can’t understand how your fellow Americans could make “that man” our next president, maybe it’s time you stopped assuming it hasn’t heard you, and started listening yourselves.
By the way, this backfired. Big time. The biggest beneficiary in this nontroversy is President Trump. He tweeted about it, and the media talked all weekend about "Hamilton" and President Trump and dissent and thin skin and all.

You know what the commentators didn't talk about on Sunday?

President Trump paying $25 million to settle the Trump University case a few hours before "Hamilton."

In fact, The Donald's reaction to "Hamilton" knocked Trump University off the front page of the New York Times.

Well-played, President Trump.

The next eight years just may be the best time of my life.


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  1. Trump is good at this. Looks like he won't have any reason to bomb aspirin factories.

  2. The NY Post almost went under in March, 1993. The March 16, 1993, edition put Hamilton on the front page shedding a tear. It’s supposedly a collector’s item. (I still have my copy.)

    1. My whole body just turned green. I've read nearly every biography of Hamilton.

  3. Trust Trump; he knows what he's doing.

  4. I play in a ukulele club (!) up here at The Woods. We've had several gigs, including some at the Berkeley Senior Center in Martinsburg. I was sore tempted to wear my Trump 2016 shirt to these events, but then I thought, no, this is about the music, not politics. Obviously, the Libs feel no such restraint.

  5. "That man" reminds me of my ex-mother-in-law. She never talked to me directly and when talking to others about me never used my name, even if I was present. It was always "that man." - Elric

    1. My late mother-in-law treated me the same way. By the time we had been married 23 years, she finally decided maybe we wouldn't get a divorce, that I was Mrs. Myers whether she liked it or not. She still didn't use my name -- I was "her" or "she" until the day she died -- but we did find a bit of common ground because we watched the same soap opera.

  6. I thought the Trump tweet about 'safe spaces' was about perfect.

    I laughed out loud when I first read it.

  7. Don't you love how the arrogant, "superior" liberals demonstrate their near-total lack of class whenever they get the chance?

  8. I saw a little item about Trump U, but that was it.

    Good catch.

  9. If nothing else - the next Administration is going to be entertaining.

  10. Reward challenges, immunity challenges, you name it ... bet Trump can get those reporters to voluntarily eat a bug by this time next year.