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Saturday, November 19, 2016

President Trump doesn't need the waterboy to coach him, AP

Josh Lederman of the Associated Press is delusional. So are his editors. Here is his lead sentence:

BERLIN (AP) — It's the last thing President Barack Obama ever expected he'd be doing in his final months in office: Coaching Donald Trump on how to be a world leader.

President Trump needs no coaching from his predecessor.

Obama could have been a contender, but he blew it by ignoring the real world.

Obama is an intellectually lazy coward who draws lines in sand and does nothing when the challenged crosses that line. See Syria. Obama thinks the power of his personality is all he needs to get by. All that strutting does is telegraph what a candy-ass he is.

The bad guys know he is weak, won't admit it, and won't listen. They roll him like the town drunk.

Iran got nukes and money while mocking him, kidnapping our sailors, and otherwise provoking war.

Obama went to Japan and tried to apologize for the atom bomb, which pissed off the Japanese.

It's complicated. Only lonely professors want an apology. Everyone else - including the Japanese -- knows the bombs taught the world a lesson about nukes. Japan takes maybe not a pride in that but feels it made a sacrifice. Please, give them their dignity. It was war. You do not apologize.

Obama went to Cuba and the Family Castro gave him the stiff shoulder.

Vladimir Putin played him for a fool, but eventually stopped when he realized the problems a weak United States presents him. Putin knows Russia's mouth is bigger than its might.

He needs the United States to stabilize the part of the world just south of Russia. Having Muslims in your basement is worrisome. There was a reason the Soviets invaded Afghanistan, and it wasn't just because Jimmy Carter was president.

Trump has done business in many of these countries. He knows he has to do his homework and that he is never the smartest man in the room.

Trump knows he needs Bibi and Putin to beat the Islamic State. Farage may be useful in reducing NATO payments and restoring our relationship with England. Abe visited Trump this week. Trudeau and Pena are willing to renegotiate NAFTA. There are golden opportunities.

The last thing America needs now is Coach Obama.

Stay the course, President Trump.


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  1. How soon these idjits forget that BO was a Community Organizer, with just 2 yr in a state house and just 2 yr (spent running for Prez) in the Senate. Trump has way more experience dealing with foreign affairs though his business than BO ever had. Plus he is smarter.

    1. You have to ask, was the last eight years premeditated, or was it just a drive-by Presidency?

  2. Trump taking advice from Obama is like Tom Brady getting coached by Joan Rivers.

    However all this insinuation that Trump cannot handle the job will backfire as he performs as President as successfully as he has done throughout his life and in almost every endeavor.

    The biggest difference between Trump and Obama is that Trump learns from his mistakes.

    1. Would that be Joan Rivers in her current state, or when she was still breathing? Lindy

    2. How about "Tom Brady being coached by Marcia Brady?" A more appropriate comparison.

  3. Whatever Obama the opposite. Best coaching in the WORLD.

  4. I read the BS in this morning's Atlanta Urinal and Constipation. Talk about "fake news".

  5. Having spent more than a few years overseas it seems to me that people know that when someone has no respect or pride in their own country or culture that they are faking it when they try express such appreciation for the country or culture of others.
    Africans, for instance, don't take missionaries seriously who "go native" and try to go overboard in adopting language and custom. They actually prefer for Europeans to act European and and Americans to do likewise. Here the alt right crew talks disparagingly about LARPing. I think it's the same thing. Real people see through the bullshit. And liberals are full of shit.

    1. Burke: flattery corrupts both the receiver and the giver. RotRiF

  6. Two words come to mind when I read about our soon-to-be-past President Obama: arrogant and presumptuous. - Elric

  7. I think Obama's problem is the same as Hillary's.

    They wanted to be relevant...they couldn't rise beyond their petty natures as it wasn't in them to be magnanimous and honest people.

    They spent their time in public office hiding their smallness of mind, their inherent deviousness; completely occupied with whitewashing from the public their true nature. As leaders they were morally bankrupt.

    It brings to mind the saying of it not being likely to make a silk purse from a sows ear.

    One could almost feel sorry for these charlatans... for their lack of charity for their fellow man but for the extensive damage they have inflicted upon the world as a whole and the deaths of those whom they have been both directly and indirectly responsible for.

    One can only hope that these ugly beings quickly pass from the public stage and that there is a special place later reserved for those of their ilk.

  8. Your comments about Japan and Putin/Russia are very astute.

    Good work.

  9. Coach-wise, I'd have said Obama was Ernie Pantusso.

    "Everybody says, "I'll explain it later"."

  10. If ever a nugget a wisdom that came out out of Barack's mouth led me to say, hey, the guy's legit, I would have cut him a break. Instead, the words coming out of his mouth are turd nuggets right now. It's grotesque.

  11. Those who can, do; those who can't, teach/coach.

    (Sorry - I just wanted to use that one and then laugh imagining Barack's face if it was quoted to him.)

    - Mikey NTH

    1. My take...Those who can, do; those who can't, teach; those who can't teach, go into administration; those who can't administrate, go into politics!

      PS. Politics - from poli meaning many and tic(k)s meaning blood-sucking insects, thus many blood-sucking insects.

  12. What a refreshing perspective and though I am far from an expert on foreign affairs, much of what Surber says seems spot-on to me.