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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

President Trump 1, WHCA 0

President Trump trumped the press last night, ditching them so he could have a nice steak with his family and friends (and maybe Ted Cruz).

The boo-hoo bears in the media complained.

Yes, we cheer.

We remember the 2011 White House Correspondents Association dinner in which the Washington Post invited The Donald, only to laugh at him as the president of the United States mocked him -- live on national television.

Who's sorry now?

From Buzz Feed News:
For days, the press pool that travels with Trump has been frustrated in following the movements of Trump and his advisers. Though a Trump spokesperson has said he will have a traditional press pool, which provides information on all of a president’s appearances and statements in public, he has already left reporters behind multiple times.
As the photo of Trump at the steakhouse spread on social media, the press pool said they had no information about the president-elect’s whereabouts. They had been told earlier in the day that Trump would be not making any movements, the Associated Press reported, but before 8 p.m. Trump left in a “presidential-style motorcade.”
“We are chasing down the possibility that Donald Trump left Trump Tower without the press pool tonight and went to a steakhouse,” the pool report said. “Will update as soon as I have something reportable.”
The pool later updated that the block outside the restaurant was shut down by police, and reporters were standing outside.
Hope Hicks, a spokeswoman for Trump, said she “wasn’t aware” of Trump’s movement in advance and she had no intention of leaving “the press in the dark.”
Well, the press kept us in the dark for eight years about the Obama administration's shenanigans, or tried to.

Meanwhile, NBC News headlined a double bylined story: "As Trump Leaves Press Behind for Steak Dinner, Incoming Admin Already Showing Lack of Transparency."

Yes, the republic will crumble into a dictatorship if we don't know if he had his steak medium or medium rare.

What next? Going to the bathroom without telling Chris Mathews whether it is a No. 1 or a No. 2?

Elections have consequences. The media mocked Trump throughout this campaign in the hope of gaining access to Hillary. They were with her.

The loss of access matches the loss in credibility.

Deal with it.

Make no mistake. I support a free press. When do we get one?


"Trump the Press" skewers media experts who wrongly predicted Trump would lose the Republican nomination. I use my deadliest weapon: their own words. "Trump the Press" is available as a paperback, and on Kindle.


  1. Just desserts - crumbs for the bums.

  2. Splendid.
    The press was thinking that they could keep Trump under siege. But him starving them out has the effect of him having them be the ones who are surrounded. Just a matter of time before they are eating their pets and children.

  3. Even a President has the right to a certain amount of privacy, especially during "non-business" hours. I would suggest that the press pool get a life. Maybe find a relaxing hobby for their long winter evenings. Read a book. I'm sure Mr. Surber could suggest a good one. - Elric

  4. Mark Knoller was seen with tears dropping off of his beard. W tried to be friendly with the press, even took a run with David Gregory...where'd it get him? They stabbed him in the back at the first opportunity. The modern day media can suck my Johnson. I hope this continues, Mr. Trump. Punish the bastards.

    1. You'd actually TRUST them with your Johnson? All the way with LBJ?

  5. The press is free to write whatever they want. And Trump is free to tell them to go fornicate themselves. The 1A doesn't say anything about the press having a right of access.

  6. Pres. 0 could completely ignore the press
    crap on them all day (Hillary too) and they love it.
    Don't give in Mr. Trump, we have your back..

  7. Given what Trump just did to the press pool, it's timely to ask whether said pool is chlorinated.

    1. My guess is, it needs acidification.

  8. Someone please ask Stein if it violates journalistic "protocol" to cover up a candidate's serious health issues and possible alcoholism merely because she's a Democrat.

    Because that's exactly what Stein and his buddies did.

  9. Trump demolished the press during his campaign. What he is doing now is clearing the debris field to rebuild.

    He's already told them they must reapply to be in the White House press corps. I think evidence of collusion with the DNC provided by wikileaks (ie, Martha Raddatz) should exclude them.

    He ended the Bushes, the Clintons, and the Obamas, the dishonest media is currently in shambles. My bet is on Trump and I like the odds.

  10. 2011 WHCA dinner - very, very interesting, check this out:

    Shows just what a low-life bunch they and O'bummer really are.

    I'd hardly heard of Donald Trump then, had no idea this took place, but what a bunch of classless jerks.

  11. 2011 WHCA dinner - very, very interesting, check this out:

    Shows just what a low-life bunch they and O'bummer really are.

    I'd hardly heard of Donald Trump then, had no idea this took place, but what a bunch of classless jerks.

  12. Speaking of Chris Mathews, did you hear him make Rachel Maddow poop her pants (assuming "her" is the proper pronoun) by trying to defend Hillary and her stance on immigration (which Mathews was pointing out she was completely tone-deaf to the American people's wishes). Reminded me of the old Hardball with Mathews I enjoyed before it became unwatchable.

  13. He owes them nothing.

    Get used to it, kids. A new kind of Republican.

  14. 'Hillary Clinton went nearly a year without a press conference, and the media is complaining about this? Clearly, the press learned NOTHING from the election.'

    I copied and pasted this from a comment section as
    I couldn't have said it better about the mentally ill left media.

    Sam C

  15. They are not reporters. At best they're stenographers. At worst they are Democratic Party Propagandists. Operatives is too nice a term.