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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Pray for Pelosi

Every Republican in America should pray for the continued good health of House Minority Leader Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro Pelosi (D-Politburo) so that her reign as minority leader lasts well into the 21st century.

Older than synthetic rubber, this relic of the FDR presidency -- daddy was a congressman when she was born in 1940 -- she represents everything bad about the Democratic as
1. she fights ancient battles such as equal pay for women (it became the law in 1963) and gun control (it became the law in 1968), 
2. while pandering to minorities,
3. and raking in the money while in office (she carved out an exemption to minimum wage to aid a tuna canning company her husband has an interest in).
She is out-of-touch and out of ideas, as is the entire Democratic Party. Under Barack Obama, it became a party of leeches that hands out subsidies and other breaks to big donors.

From the Hill:
House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Wednesday fended off a challenge to her long leadership reign, defeating Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) in a closed-door vote prompted largely by Donald Trump’s unlikely ascension to the White House. 
Pelosi got 134 votes to Ryan's 63 — winning 68 percent of the votes after declaring before the election that she had the support of two-thirds of the caucus. The victory sends a message that while there's a growing appetite for major changes in the party's leadership structure and messaging tactics, it's not strong enough to loosen Pelosi's grip on a liberal-heavy group that's rarely challenged her authority.
Ryan and his supporters had argued that the Democrats' grim performance in this year's elections — the latest in a string of cycles planting Republicans firmly in the majority — was a clear signal that Pelosi's leadership strategy has failed to attract the broad coalition of voters required to return the Speaker's gavel to the Democrats' hands. 
Live long, Missus Pelosi, while you kill your party.


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  1. Nancy Pelosi is going to be the Democratic party's Vladimir Lenin - on display long after his death. I'm going to buy some stock in Botox. - Elric

    1. I think you mean Yuri Andropov (80s gag), but the point is well-taken.

  2. Gotta love Kellyanne Conway. Snark Queen!

  3. What's a tuna plant doing selling such a snook salmon? Dunno how they can live with themselves.

    At least the War on Cops will soon lose its official backing.

  4. Donald's gonna bitch slap her so hard the skin may just rip offa her face. Then she'll be a screaming skull. Which she always was, I know, but it'll still be awesome.

  5. After years of guiding Obama's binging and trough stuffing, She had a mountain of chips she could call in. She was never in danger.

  6. I think she and her husband have vineyards that are non-union as well. Rules for thee and not for me sayeth the wonderful minority. Long may she reign.

  7. She rakes in lots of donations from West Coast liberals and as such is an ATM for Dimocrat candidates. That is one of the reasons she holds on to power. Long may she live!

  8. And there you have it. The Democrats are incapable of challenging the hierarchical power structure. That's why they had to support Hillary. That's why they had to support Pelosi. That's why they got Trump.

  9. The republicans have a speaker who is in his 40's. Nancy is in her 100's? Wow, she is the best they can do. Not that age is a big thing but new ideas are. She and her party have none and she has cemented the reality that democrats are the party of the elite corrupt big governemnt.

  10. Are you sure that Pelosi is in the Good Lord's constituency?

  11. The GOP has been called the stupid party for a long time, but apparently that title is up for grabs now. Well played, Dems!