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Saturday, November 05, 2016

Political expert eats crow

Charlie Cook, described by the Hill as a "respected election handicapper," declared the presidential race over -- OVER -- on October 13.

Now he is eating those words. Fast.

The race is no more over than the World Series was after my beloved Cleveland Indians won Game Four. I am a diehard fan, but I knew the Cubs were not dead.

But Mister Respected Election Handicapper is a diehard Democrat who wanted to crush the hopes of the opposition.

And there was this a week later:

Today, Charlie Cook is in a panic. Hillary may still win, but the race is far from over. Adele has yet to sing.

From the Hill:
Now, with polls tightening both nationally and in several key states, Cook says he still thinks Donald Trump will lose but no longer considers it implausible that the GOP nominee takes the presidency on Tuesday.   
“The race is in a different place than 8 or 9 days ago when there was virtually no path for Trump,” Cook told The Hill on Saturday. “So yes, like everyone else, we've revised our assessment.” 
Nine days ago, Cook held a definitive view of the race. When the Hill asked whether he could imagine a “moonshot” scenario in which Trump could win, he replied, “No.” 
Cook noted he still believes Trump’s chances are “fairly small.”
 Of course, he was wrong about the Republican nomination, telling Bloomberg early on:
Presidential candidates with negative ratings in their own party as high as Donald Trump’s “do not win nominations,” Charlie Cook, editor of the nonpartisan Cook Political Report in Washington, says in interview.
No chance. Race is over.

He learned nothing -- absolutely nothing -- from last year.

This is what Washington respects as a political forecaster?

Our emperors wear no brains.


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