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Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Phony rage against Hillary

UPDATE, MARCH 23, 2017:

Upon further review, it turns out McCarthy was sincere. I apologize to Mister McCarthy. I apologize to readers for misleading them.

THE ORIGINAL PIECE, which I am now ashamed of:

Andrew McCarthy of the tax-exempt National Review Institute railed against Hillary Clinton for railing against the FBI investigation of her criminal activities as secretary of State. How cute.

From McCarthy in National Review:
As for the election, Mrs. Clinton is under the cloud of suspicion not because of Comey but because of her own egregious misconduct. She had no right to know back in July whether the investigation was closed. She has no right to know it now. Like any other criminal suspect, she simply has to wait -- and wonder and worry. There were other worthy Democrats, but the party chose to nominate the subject of a criminal investigation. That is the Democrats’ own recklessness; Jim Comey is not to blame. And if the American people are foolish enough to elect an arrantly corrupt and compromised subject of a criminal investigation as our president, we will have no one to blame but ourselves.
As the punchline from the Lone Ranger-Tonto joke goes, "What do you mean 'we,' paleface?"

I voted for Trump on Thursday.

He was the only pro-life candidate on the ballot.

McCarthy and his company are Never Trump. His company exists on donations. He and most of the National Review contributors practice Blanche DuBois journalism. Whatever their donors want, their donors get. I named it for the character in "A Streetcar Named Desire" whose final line is "I've always depended on the kindness of strangers" -- as she is led into a mental institute.

What do they care about Clinton's election? One's as bad as the other in their eyes. After all, McCarthy ended a melodramatic column in July, "Whoever wins, I know that come January, I will be in the conservative opposition to a statist administration, and in search of a new party to call home."

With that column, he surrendered his right to complain about electing Clinton by refusing to vote to stop her. That is how it works. You have three choices: Vote for her, vote for him, or don't vote for either one. But only one choice stops her.

That's McCarthy's problem, not mine. It is his bathroom mirror to look at every morning for the rest of his life.

After the WikiLeaks, revelations of the FBI re-investigation, and a quarter-century of graft, corruption, and bribery, there is no excuse not to vote for the devil himself to stop her election.

Fortunately, Trump is not the devil, and is actually an America First conservative. Like Reagan.


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  1. For a guy who isn't deeply religious, I will be praying a lot during the coming week.

  2. Absolutely. I just as soon not listen to Andy preaching about the ideal conservative that will lead the country to the promise land. Him and the rest can go pound sand as they did everything possible to dump on trump to make him practically unelectable. Nice going, guys!

  3. I don't think it's phony.

    They can't believe she's that incompetent. They were counting on her.

  4. National Review Mental Institution.

  5. This business of nevertumpers and "independents" putting themselves into a position where they are continuously able to criticize and never have to defend anything is the same as being a Derrida type of deconstructionist all the while being able, they think, to declare themselves to be sanctimoniously conservative or "a thinking person", is really cover for nihilism. The goalposts can always be moved to keep them above the fray and eternally wise.

  6. When National Review grows up, they wanna be National Lampoon.

    1. They'll NEVER get that good. Timpf is the only one there with a sense of humor.

  7. Surber voted for Trump last Thursday and 28% of early voting Republicans in Florida have voted for Hillary. I think that early voting should be discontinued.

    Standing in long lines at local polling places gets us away from texting and back to talking to neighbors again.