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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Never Trump demands President Trump hire a Never Trumper

I am going to give President Trump the same advice on being president that I gave him on his campaign, which is none.

The closest to advice was to keep on doing what he was doing.

I cheered when he made a move I liked. I never denounced the stupid things he said because he had enough people bad-mouthing him.

My role was to keep readers informed and their spirits up.

The National Review spent the campaign throwing a temper tantrum. Never Trump!

Now this DC insider publication that called him an ape, clown, and Hitler -- and his supporters Nazis -- is demanding that President Trump hire Republican Kelly Ayotte, who spent her re-election campaign for the Senate bad-mouthing. New Hampshire went for Hillary and voted Ayotte out.

From the National Review:
A Trump Nomination to Heal the Party: Kelly Ayotte
What a load of fertilizer.

The Republican Party needs no healing.

Ninety percent -- 90% -- of Republicans voted for President Trump. That was one point better than Democrats voted for Hillary.

The National Review demand of President Trump was written by Shawn McCoy, who was the spokesman for Mitt Romney’s failed presidential campaign.


"Trump the Press" skewers media experts who wrongly predicted Trump would lose the Republican nomination. I use my deadliest weapon: their own words. "Trump the Press" is available as a paperback, and on Kindle.

The sequel is coming.


  1. I suspect this is a head fake, frankly I am still just pleased as can be that Trump has Myron Ebell cleaning house at the EPA!

    Real Climate Change!

    1. + (One of many pending 'Splodey Head events)

    2. I do love those 'Splodey Head events!

  2. Kelly Ayotte was refreshed on the Law of Intended Consequences this week. Bill Kristol, however, has always been is a slow learner. Even Erick the toad has gone mute this week. Ayotte, Kristol, and every other Vichy Nevertrumper should probably respond to that help wanted ad I saw from one of NH's finest, The Defiant Lobster Co.

  3. Add George Will to the trash heap too.

  4. Opposition has consequences. Especially when it involves betrayal. You can argue all you want in the primaries. But then you fall in behind the nominee or fall out of any expectation of participation. You makes your choices and you takes your chances.

  5. As the sun pulls away from the shore, and their ship sinks slowly in the west (h/t, Spike Jones' intro to Hawaiian War Chant), we wave a "fond" farewell to these fools.

  6. So the "Never" in NeverTrump actually meant "most of the early hours of Wed morning", huh?

    Who knew?


  8. Ayotte changed the McCain/Graham duet into a trio. She became one of them. NO THANKS.

  9. I don't know what happened to NH. Live Free Or Die? That's a horse laugh now. Donald knows his friends and even better knows his enemies. Kelly, that position as Manchester Dog Catcher is still open. You should apply.

  10. Ayotte was a disappointment from the second she got to DC.

    Why hire one of the new generation of Arlen Specters?

  11. Actually Ayotte had an excellent record on defense issues and stood with Ted Cruz on Benghazi the Iran deal, the Chuck Hagel nomination etc and as a Military wife would bring an important perspective to the job.

    She would be an excellent choice for the job, This of course doesn't mean there aren't other excellent ones out there but she would be an excellent addition to the team

    1. The problem is that the people promoting her are the ones who should never be making demands. They hurt her by associating with her.

      To the devil with those smug, condescending, jerks at National Topsider - I mean, National Review. And Weekly Standard, and the rest. They can starve in a gutter for all I care.

      -Mikey NTH

    2. Standing with Ted Cruz, the natural-born Canadian liar, isn't much of a selling point for me. I found out why he has no friends, and I'm not one either.

  12. Trump is a successful businessman, and as such he is ruthless about choosing the best person for the job without such irrelevant considerations as who else will be pleased. He doesn't care who is appeased by his choices.

    It was supposed that the Pence choice for VP was a hat-tip to the Conservatives or to the GOPe - it was neither. Pence has proven to be a loyal excellent choice for running mate. He did an outstanding job. He will also do a great job running the Transition team. Trump makes these decisions based on competence.

    If all Ayotte can bring to the table is appeasement of the crowd that has repeated tried to destroy Trump, it is a nonstarter for Trump. Also, who hires a person who does not believe in her boss, her company, or its goals? An idiot that's who, and Trump is no idiot.

    But those trying to advise him with this type of political silliness should just stop and think about it. The object is to get good things done for the American people, it has not, nor will it ever be ever again to gratify the particular sensibilities of people who put their personal persnicketiness over the welfare of their country.

  13. Zero tolerance for any NeverTrumper. They were willing to turn the country over to Hillary, Scalia seat and all, and they must be purged. All out of some phony sort of virtue signalling. Begone.

  14. In polite terminology, I'd say to Mr McCoy, "Consume excrement & expire, you sphincter!"