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Sunday, November 06, 2016

NBC/Survey Monkey jump off the bandwagon


  1. The map's a joke.

    Anybody see on Breitbart where Ned silver said the Beast is ‘one state away’ from losing the Electoral College?

    Man, these guys have no clue.

    Caddell makes more sense and he says he just has a gut feeling.

    Everything about Hillary is manufactured AstroTurf.
    Except for the scandals.

  3. SCIENCE!!! Like "Climate Science", the numbers are often made up to fit the party line.

  4. There was a time when you could trust brands and networks, etc....not anymore. They are all political and aligned with a big blob

    1. I have to disagree. I never trusted the networks. As far back as 1960 (when they went ga-ga for JFK) the networks have been the public relations department of the Democrat Party.

    2. They just hid it better back then. Cronkite lied about Tet. It was a big win for us and he told America it was a loss. Most trusted man in America my ass.

  5. "Maybe the day we learned Hillary used her maid to run her SCIF wasn't the right day to say the #FBI won't seek Hillary's prosecution. Maybe"
    schindler isn't completely stupid

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    Justin Best ��
    28m28 minutes ago
    Justin Best �� ‏@JB_Ink_
    @wikileaks I call my ex the Clinton Foundation because she'll keep 94% of the money and not feed the kids #iCallHerClintonBecause

  7. Where did these come from
    Jumped to page 100, clicked on an email that looked interesting. This shows that they were concerned with trying to stop Trump from getting the nomination:
    I'm beginning to wonder if they did anything at all to try and keep ANY other Republican candidates from getting the nomination, or if they were only worried about Trump. If that's the case, what can we say about that argument that any of the others would be running away with the race.