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Sunday, November 06, 2016

I'll support a free press when we get one

Having elected Barack Obama president, driven Sarah Palin from public office, passed a lie called Obamacare, and helped burn down Ferguson, Missouri, by portraying a vicious thug as a "gentle giant," the press set out to elect the most corrupt and inept presidential candidate in the nation's history.

Hillary Clinton is unfit for the presidency. If we were a constitutional monarchy where the royals are merely for show, then maybe she might make it as a queen.

The American press had better pray that she is elected because there should be hell to pay when Donald Trump is elected. Enough is enough. If you cannot be fair and impartial, you are not a news organization. And if you are not a news organization, you should be given no more privilege than a blogger ranting in the middle of the night.

From media critic David Zurawik of the Baltimore Sun:
We are still days away from finally knowing the winner of one of the ugliest elections in modern history, but we already have the biggest loser: the media.
And that perception is not simply the result of WikiLeaks giving us an unvarnished, drip-drip-drip look at the incestuous groveling and information-sharing that reporters at some of the nation's top news outlets engaged in with Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta the past 18 months. It's the result of my daily reporting on an industry that appears to have largely lost a clear sense of civic direction and purpose, while simultaneously becoming cozier with the powers that be and more dishonest with audiences.
It's a deadly combination that has dark consequences for democracy as the press fails in its primary job of giving citizens accurate, trustworthy information they can use in choosing who they want to lead the nation. Instead, as we have seen in two CNN events in March, candidate Clinton was secretly given information intended to skew the event and, therefore, the vote in her favor. That's the opposite of serving democracy — and it feeds Trump's dangerous rhetoric of the election being "rigged" against him.
The degree of confusion among media outlets as to how they should be covering Campaign 2016 has been staggering from day one. Nor is it limited to cable TV — not by a long shot.
The press abused its power. For the past quarter-century, the press has dismissed and excused criminality by the Family Clinton includes illegal loans (Whitewater), perjury and suborning witnesses (Paula Jones), and even theft (White House furniture).

The press has ignored and covered up the deaths of 300,000 veterans awaiting treatment from the VA, while ironically pushing for socialized medicine.

Why should I support the press? They are the public relations agents of an authoritarian central government that is killing our country and surrendering our freedom.

Let Trump revoke the Associated Press's tax exemption. The Tampa Bay Times (parent of PolitiFact) as well. Both unfairly maligned my presidential candidate as a "liar" while airbrushing the perjury of his opponent. Why should they get a tax exemption for having no moral scruples let alone journalistic ethics?

Reform the libel laws so that these faux news organizations face the same product liability punishments the rest of corporate America does.

If one cable network, one wire service, and one chain of newspapers had sided with Trump, I would have no room to complain.

But this is disastrous.

They should pay.

I am serious.

Consider this from Zurawik:
Earlier this month, when I heard conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh comparing what happened on CNN and TV One to the TV quiz show scandals of the 1950s, I dismissed it as ideologically driven Limbaugh overkill. After all, I thought, the practice of quiz show producers giving answers in advance to favored contestants had gone on for years and was institutionalized at NBC.
But then I thought about the goals and ultimate impact of the quiz show rigging: Candidates who were likely to draw larger audiences got longer runs and won more money. The producers and the networks were trying to load the dice in favor of better ratings for their shows.
In 2016 on CNN and TV One, the dice were loaded in favor of a preferred presidential candidate. And nothing less than who would lead the country the next four years was at stake.
You tell me which is more serious and disturbing.
Congress cracked down on quiz shows, which posed no danger to our democracy.

I expect Congress to rein in these rogue and rabid super PACs for Democrats who worked to destroy the election in order to push upon the people a person better suited for prison than the White House.


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  1. This is absolutely correct and well stated. Many times this issue of fairness or at least a thin reed of pretended objectivity has been raised here, but to what end? Venting is good for us I think but as a matter of changing actual practice there is and will be little to show for it. If Trump is elected he will shame the press in public but the politicians will do nothing to join with him. They know the courts are in on their own scam. If you are a lazy judge in a nice sinecure, as many of them are, or posses a fiefdom from which you can only be carried from feet first in order to lose its benefits, as are many Democrat politicians in Blue States, are you going to fool with the Constitution, opening the path to reformist snakes into your own now unassailable aerie? Need I write "no"? No. One might think, well next time the Press will be more modulated. No way. If Trump wins they will only recalibrate to Isis mode against the next opponent of their corporate interests. If he loses they will gloat and high five each other and hand out Pulitzer candy to their most egregious warriors or perhaps more 20M contracts if blond. As Don has pointed out many times, the print press is not making money so reaching a large audience takes a large investment, ie a corporate or billionaire partner who has their own interests at heart all the time, that of the country only coincidentally. Perhaps Trump can do what Don suggests and take away tax advantages from them or drive the thieves from the temple by prosecuting the Clinton Foundation as an example of sin intolerable to the republic. But I dont see an end to media willfulness coming soon.

  2. Yep; why we hate the media, example # 123,456,789,101,112. And trust it not, nor support it.

  3. When Trump gets in he should have all FCC licenses reviewed. If the holders are not a service to the public and only a political propaganda machine, the license should be pulled until they meet the requirements of the fcc regs.

  4. A free press would have demanded Barry's impeachment.

    And Frumpty's.

  5. 33,000 emails read and analyzed in a few days, sufficient to issue a Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free Card?

    Yeah, right.

  6. Giving the FCC the power to pull licenses for failure to "perform a public service" empowers it to shut down any conservative news source...should any be found. Giving the government more power would show a serious lack of learning curve. The press will be brought down by Irish Democracy and the customer base walking away.