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Friday, November 25, 2016

Ignore demographics

For years -- decades -- concern-troll liberals have told Republicans they are doomed unless they start reaching out to various demographic groups. By "reaching out" they mean pandering like Democrats.

President Trump proved that wrong.

He won election without pandering.

That's because demography does not matter as much as geography does.

We are told that white voters elected Trump. But the three states with the highest percentage of white people all went to Hillary -- Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire.

We are told that old people elected Trump. But three of the four oldest states by median age went for Hillary. They too are Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire. (West Virginia and Florida rank fourth and fifth, respectively.)

The four youngest states all went for The Dionald -- Utah, Alaska, Texas, and Idaho. (Arizona is 12th youngest.)

Places with a vibrant economy said OK to another four years of this crap.

The thirty states with sluggish economies went to Trump.

People are more than their gender, skin color, and ethnicity.


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  1. In order for the Democrats to survive, they need to acknowledge two things. The first is you may try to appeal to a ethnic group, but eventually you have to deliver something of value to them. Next they need to acknowledge that Obama was and will always be a novelty candidate. There was no Obama coalition that would survive Obama

  2. I don't care if Democrats "survive." The last Democrat President worth anything was JFK. If this is the best they can do in fifty years, they deserve to fade into obscurity.

    1. Let us not forget JFK got us into Viet Nam; LBJ got more of us into VN; and the Dems in congress cut off support to SVN.

  3. Kids want a life, it would seem.

  4. Darth: The propaganda doesn't seem to be working on the children.
    Admiral Viet: We will redouble our efforts.

  5. The Democrats were so successful at promoting identity politics that in the end, the blacks and hispanics couldn't be bothered to vote for the white candidate at the same time the majority realized they were just another ethnicity in the game.

  6. Trump won despite Clinton getting more of the popular vote.

    That makes the Electoral College affirmative action for certain of the states.

    Somehow, that makes the victory all the sweeter.

    1. "Affirmative Action for certain ... states."

      That's delicious.