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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Following the election on Drudge, not the cable outlets

The media's behavior in this election -- its refusal to take the election seriously -- has me playing video games, watching local news, and reading rather than follow the results on cable news or the broadcast networks. I fired them.

As a retired newspaperman, I know the media's excuses. Any criticism is met with pleas of blaming the messenger for the bad news. That's garbage. 

Bad news -- those wincing moments after he has said something stupid again -- we can take. It's the made-for-TV nontroversies that are the problem.

There is also the canard that goes "if we are catching hell from both sides, we must be doing something right." 

No, you are doing something wrong. Stop what you are doing. Review. Adjust. If you made a mistake, acknowledge it immediately. Correct, retract, apologize, and if necessary, pay damages.

Election coverage this year has been horrendous. Instead of discussing the issues, the media has invested heavily in trying to make Trump look as foolish as possible.

The press refused to ask Clinton anything tougher than how does it feel to run against a misogynist.

The economy is swirling in the toilet, war escalates in the Middle East, and America no longer has the manufacturing capacity to provide enough war matériel to win a war. 

Instead of asking about that, we get bullcrap about Trump's taco bowl on Cinco de Mayo. Remember? It was a big controversy last May.

CNN is an arm of the Democratic Party.

ABC News is run by a Clinton spokesman.

NBC News staffed its coverage of Clinton and Trump with feminist reporters who swooned over Hillary (Andrea Mitchell) and hissed at Trump (Katy Tur).

Fox News is OK except for the part where none of its commentators (save Sean Hannity) are for Trump. Both George Will and Charles Krauthammer carry grudges over Trump pushing back when they pushed him.

And Megyn Kelly is co-anchoring the coverage tonight? Why not team up with John Harwood, who said Trump was running a comic book campaign. Oh wait, that was a "debate question."

Why should I reward these Clinton operatives? I am all for a free press, and will support one when we get one.

But tonight, I will ignore them and follow the election on the Internet.

Good luck regaining my trust after the election, media.


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  2. Goes double for me! Or would, if they COULD regain my trust. Not seeing any chance of that.

  3. Not watching. Did things for myself today. Exercise, Shooting, shopping, filled the gas tank and washed the car, liquor store, and a good movie. Saw Hacksaw Ridge. Good movie. No awards because it was about - God, Valor, US Military winning, Principles and of course Mel Gibson. Not watching if I can help it. Know she is going to win. Not watching FOX like normal because I can't stand the glee they will exhibit when the Bitch wins.(can I say that?)

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    MSM tonight

  6. Don, I've been following you thru the campaign, you have been magnificent. I'm watching Fox Business and Neil Cavuto is doing an excellent job. I stopped watching the rest of them months ago.

  7. Two thumbs on this post, Big D. I was trying to take a nap this afternoon and my wife turns on the TV to some news show that is trashing Trump. I exploded. Better to get the results in bits and pieces online than to hear the blah blah blah of people who basically hate us anyways.