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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Enjoy the cold, White House press corps

Trump gave the press great access. He did all those cable shows from "Morning Joe" on MSNBC at 6 a.m. to "Hannity" on Fox News at 10 p.m. Instead of victory speeches after wining a primary, he held press conferences.

His reward? A study showed 90 percent of the press coverage of him in the general election was negative.

As president, he plans to return the favor. He plans to be as cold to the press as Obama is. Unlike Obama, Trump won without them. The press knows this and is scrambling to make its case before a public that hates them more than they hate him

From Michael M. Grynbaum, media writer for the New York Times:
Is it a big deal if a president goes to dinner and the press doesn’t know? In a word, yes, according to former administration officials, journalists and a group of press advocacy organizations that issued an open letter to Mr. Trump on Wednesday arguing that Americans “deserve to know what the president is doing.”
That organization -- the National Press Club -- did not protest the biased coverage of Trump in the attempted Coup de Press this summer and fall.

Grynbaum continued:
The broader idea, advocates argue, is that the president’s whereabouts ought to be recorded — for public reassurance and the historical record, and so the president has reporters nearby to quickly communicate with the public in a crisis.
And if Mr. Trump rejects the decades-old practice of the “pool,” where journalists follow the president even to the most banal engagements, will he adhere to other traditions such as news conferences and press briefings that are meant to inform the public about matters of greater import, but are not mandated by law?
Baloney. This has nothing to do with recording history as it happens. It's business. Access to the president is a valuable commodity. From Jimmy Kimmel to Kermit the Frog on "Sesame Street," television shows trumpet their exclusive interviews with a president because he is good for ratings.

Hannity should have job security for the next eight years.

The rest of them bet the wrong pony.

This is no dark secret.

More from Grynbaum:
Rebecca Katz, a Democratic strategist who has led press strategy for Senator Harry Reid of Nevada and Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York, said that news organizations risked creating a “boy who cries wolf” problem if journalists did not justify why access mattered.
“The media must make clear that an informed press makes an informed public,” Ms. Katz said. “The establishment needs to figure out a way to communicate with regular people about what’s important.”
Mr. Trump’s press team has told reporters that it expects to arrange a traditional pool as early as next week, attributing recent hiccups to the hectic transition period. On Wednesday, Jason Miller, a spokesman for Mr. Trump, conceded that the unannounced “21” visit “was an example where there could have been a little bit better communication.”
But, Mr. Miller added, “For some in the media, unless they’re actually sitting at the table, seeing if he’s getting the chicken or the fish, they will never be happy.”
That last sentence is a scream.

Trump worthy.

Sally Quinn retired from the Washington Post told Grynbaum: “I think his base would like nothing more than to see him take on the press, and say, ‘I don’t care what you think. I’m going to do whatever I want to do.’ It’s been a winning strategy up until now.”


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  1. It sounds like The Donald Trumped the Press. (Where have I heard that before?) The press has absolutely no rights to know everything and insert themselves into the day-to-day business running of the government and our President-Elect has absolutely no obligations to them. If a national emergency arises we still have the Emergency Broadcast System "to communicate with regular people about what’s important.” But, oh! Wait! The EBS bypasses the press and lets the President or his designee communicate directly to the people. The press does not get a chance to put spin on anything. Quel dommage. C'est la vie! - Elric

  2. I'm going to make a prediction here.

    I think, over the next few years, Trump is going to make a bit of a game of ditching the tail those grotesque garden gnomes of the mainstream media want to keep on him.

    I think he'll double down on that by turning up unannounced with the smallest possible security detail at suitable Mom-and-Pop establishments throughout America.

    It's just the sort of showmanship he was born to do, and I think it will both keep him sane in his job, and ensure his reelection four years hence.

  3. And this press pool was where, exactly, during the long, agonizing hours of the Benghazi attacks? Can we expect to see the photos of the participants and what they were doing that night anytime soon?

  4. Matt Lauer said that Trump had a tough job ahead to repair his relations with the press. Methinks Lauer has it backwards.

  5. The Press themselves have urinated in the Press pool. They just have to "Suck It Up".

  6. An informed press has nothing to do with an informed public. Frankly, I like a president who isn't always doing those plastic photo ops Obama was so good it. Let the press work for a living.

  7. Where was Obama the night of Benghazi? Never reported that and the press was not even curious as to his whereabouts. The press also seemed perfectly OK with a woman who set up an illegal server to conduct government business while avoiding FOIA as POTUS. But now they want me to believe a family dinner is "the people's business?" LOL Have a seat, MSM.
    Also please not they've concocted this silly "Protective press" meme -- Secret Service protects POTUS, not press --and SS was there with Trump at the 21 Club. Only idiot libs will fall for that horse chit.

  8. If the Prez wants to take the wife and kids out for Happy Meals and a movie, I don't need to have wall-to-wall coverage.

    I had that with the Kennedys in the 60s and it gets old in a hurry.

  9. On the bright side, global warming should keep them snuggy warm.

  10. If the press is so concerned about the public's "right to know" then why do they bury stories like Fast and Furious?

  11. The media has done more to attack Trump in the first 72 hours after the election than they did in 8 years of obama in office. I think he should refuse to provide White House access to any media outlet that can be considered a democrat propagandist. Echos in the press room for awhile if they learn their lesson.

  12. Hey, the MSM could always go and interview "Not-The-Prez" ... what was that woman's name again, and didn't she used to be someone? ... each week.

  13. I am overjoyed that our next president will not appear on the 'Ellen' show, let alone 'dance' on the Ellen show. If you've not seen that clip, consider yourself fortunate.

  14. Fortunate? I say intelligent, for never watching the Ellen show. Among all the others I've never had an interest in.