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Sunday, November 06, 2016

Dick Morris: Hillary 254, Trump 230 with 54 votes to go

Former Clinton consultant Dick Morris thinks Trump can win big on Tuesday.

Without Florida.

Wrote Morris:
RealClearPolitics.Com shows Hillary clinging to a 1.2 point lead (in Florida)
Trump is ahead in all the states Romney carried (including Indiana and North Carolina) and in Ohio (18 votes) and Iowa (6). He is tied in Pennsylvania (20), Michigan (16), Nevada (6), New Hampshire (4), and Colorado (8).
And he could still carry Florida and has an outside shot at Wisconsin.
This confirms my earlier post. Hillary is tied in five states that Obama won by 5.3 points to 9.5 points last time.

Trump is holding more rallies and drawing larger crowds than she is. Pence is outdrawing Kaine, whom has trouble drawing more than 10 people. Really.

The polls were off by 3 points in 2012, and 3 points again in 2014. I do not see how anyone can honestly have faith in national polls that do not reflect what we see with our own eyes.


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  1. When was the last time Dick Morris was right?

    I hope he is wrong again and has over-stated Clinton's position.

    She will get schlonged.

    1. I agree, brother. If DJT is taking his show to Minnesota - Minnesota?! - then something is afoot. He's a businessman. He wouldn't spend that TrumpJet fuel if he didn't think he was in the hunt there. If Trump is stumping in MN, heck...maybe Illinois is now in play...

      This won't even be close.

    2. Illinois in play?! That's my home turf. Now that would truly be amazing ... It's hard to know what is going on here this year, almost no yard signs, very very odd.

  2. Morris (and other blue shirts) should never start with an opening sentence that he, himself, knows is a lie.

    Gravity then takes over, as they say in the Downhill Department.

  3. Minnesota says a lot of states are in play.

  4. It just is not going to happen. Hillary will win and I will drinking a LOT more Scotch. Guess I will have to buy cheaper stuff.