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Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Camp Clinton collapses

Molly Ball of Atlantic wrote about the strange reaction to the collapse of Hillary Clinton's sixty-year campaign for president, which ended on Friday.

Miss Ball channeled well the Clintonian mindset that Hillary, her followers, and her harlots in the press suffer.

From Molly Ball:
What had she been through over the past year and a half—what had America been through? She had prepared for a normal campaign, prepared for something like 2012, a boring slog against a sane and decent regular Republican whom she would strain to argue was Wrong On The Issues. Instead she got a hair-on-fire carnival ride, a Russian spy thriller, a national nervous breakdown of an election.
Every day she got up and recited the same jokes and exhortations, and every day the hackers released more of her advisers’ private communications onto the Internet, and every day her improbable opponent, a sort of primal scream in human form, waved his arms and called her a criminal.
She had piles and piles of proposals—to rightsize the prisons and roll back deportations and pay for child care and on and on—and then it turned out the election wasn’t about any of that. It was about trying to be as inconspicuous as possible and waiting for the fire to burn out. It was about being slightly less of a monster. Even then, about half of America looked at her and was not convinced.
The spin is that the latest scandal is nothing. Not fair! WikiLeaks released private communications -- Private Communications -- PRIVATE COMMUNICATIONS.

Yes, just like Billy Bush and Trump talking eleven years ago.

Or Sarah Palin's 24,000 emails that the press went to court to force her to hand over, only to discover what she said was in them all along -- nothing.

Dammit you dumbass Americans, don't you understand all the great plans she had to make your miserable, rotten lives better?

She was going to rightsize prisons.


Now you won't get that. Or day care. Or sunshine. Or lollipops. Or rainbows.

Instead you get Orange Julius -- the Cheeto Benito -- the Despot of Queens.

Why didn't you listen to your moral and intellectual superiors, you uneducated white rednecks? They know what is best for you racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, simple-minded, deplorable dregs of society.

Now it is springtime for Donald -- winter for social justice, and France.

From Molly Ball:
“I want you to vote for yourselves, and for your families, and for your hope for our future together,” she said, pacing the stage with wide eyes and a severe expression, and launching into another six-point list of all the issues she planned to tackle. “I believe with all of my heart that we will, after this election, get together to help heal the divides that have sprung up and are so painful among us.”
It didn’t matter if she believed it, or if anyone did. What mattered was that she was going to win—wasn’t she?—and the rest could wait.
Then WikiLeaks broke.
Everything that came out seemed to confirm the worst suspicions.
Her paranoid opponents said she was a part of the elite globalist cabal secretly plotting to impose one-world government by surrendering national sovereignty. And there she was, according to emails between her advisers hacked and released by WikiLeaks, telling a Brazilian bank in 2013, “My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders.” She was paid $225,000 for the speech. (The campaign has not confirmed that the emails from the account of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta are authentic, but many of them have been corroborated by third parties.)
But that was a private communication -- Private Communication -- PRIVATE COMMUNICATION.

Now there is this second damned scandal about emails. Weiner won't fall on his sword for the Clintons like Susan MacDougal. Maybe having Huma Abedin dump him was too clever by half. It's now Weiner take all.

You blew it, America.

From Miss Ball:
The people who believe in Clinton are naive enough to think she might actually make things better.
“I hope she will be able to negotiate with Republicans to get things done,” Jed Shugerman, a law professor from Massachusetts, told me at the New Hampshire rally. “Even though Republicans have railed against her, I think she has the ability to work across party lines. And if it’s a Democratic landslide, the GOP might be more willing to compromise.”
I asked them why they thought she could break the gridlock in Washington, unlike President Obama. “I think her approach is going to be more no-nonsense,” Paul Leone, a 56-year old software developer, told me in Raleigh, N.C. “She knows the difficulties he’s had with bipartisanship. Maybe she’ll be more forceful and get better results.”
If you believe Barack "I Will Trump You On That" Obama is bipartisan, I have got some sad news for you. That Nigerian prince who wants you to launder money? He's a scam artist. You'll never see that $3,000 money order again.

But Bipartisan Barry is what Hillary and her cronies believe. That is their reality. So is a belief that she can save this rotten nation founded by genocidal slave-owning white men.

The piece ends at the University of Pennsylvania where Tim Kaine tells the audience: “There’s a momentum that’s happening in this race. Americans are choosing the kind of country they want for their children and grandchildren!”

Yes. And that choice is Donald Trump.


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  1. You've got to stop outdoing yourself. People are going to get unreasonable expectations.

  2. Private communications are only for Democrats.

    Remember how Jack Ryan's divorce was supposed to be sealed?

  3. The Sinkable Molly Ball ... or should that be "Risable"? ... would probably tell you that Benedict Arnold's communications with the British were "private correspondence".

  4. AH! From The Atlantic! Trying SO HARD to support Hillary in her hours (and HOURs) of need. MAYBE she could get the GOP to compromise better than Obama did (who never tried, but demanded). “She knows the difficulties he’s had with bipartisanship. Maybe she’ll be more forceful and get better results.” The Left and leftists and their minions of the media can't even comprehend the thought that someone would disagree with their oh-so-carefully-thought-out solution, or that "bi-partisanship" actually, really-and-truly requires them to meet the GOP half-way and not beat them about the heads and shoulders.

    Nope, not gonna learn THAT lesson.

  5. Poor Molly...wan wah wah. Somebody find her that Binky so she can get back to sleep again. Also, her didie needs changed...


  7. While some I heard call this WeinerGate, given the type of people Clinton has had on her server, "Perv-Serve" also seems a likely moniker.

    1. Dave shoots! He SCORES.
      Perv-Serve: Priceless!

  8. I have been a wreck since I read Molly's article. Life is so unfair to Hillary. Remember when she was 'dead broke"? The only thing that stopped me loudly sobbing was purchasing your book. I hope it makes me feel better.

    1. It will, sister. The next tears you'll experience will be those of laughter...

  9. Can't say as I follow Molly Ball. Is that a team thing? Equipment, maybe a net? Indoor or outdoor?

    1. Indoors padded court., Nerf Balls and Bats.
      No boys unless they are wearing pajamas.
      No score, no teams, participation ribbons only. Pacifiers allowed, Kool-Aid (diet)
      served after the game...
      TG McCoy

  10. Right size prisons? Can we build enough to house here and her cronies?

    1. "Right size prisons" must be left-speak for letting a bunch of criminals go free. I suspect their future victims would disagree with the "right" part.

    2. "Right size prisons" must be left-speak for letting a bunch of criminals go free. I suspect their future victims would disagree with the "right" part.

  11. "Stronger Together"

    That's gonna be the motto of Hillary's bad-ass prison-yard gang.

  12. Roll back deportations? WTF, man?