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Thursday, November 03, 2016

Australian economist: Trump will save the world

Steve Kates, a leading economist in Australia, made the case for Trump that the D.C. conservatives miss.

Speaking to the Liberal Party (which is Australia's conservatives) Kates said:
1) If you are not for Trump and are even tempted to vote for Hillary, you ought to consider shifting to the Greens.
2) I do not prefer Trump in the sense of the lesser of two evils. I prefer Trump as the best imaginable choice to “Make America Great Again,” or more realistically, as the last possible chance to save Western civilization from disintegration.
3) If you do not see this then you are blind to everything that is going on, almost all of which is hidden from view by a media that is almost as corrupt as Hillary.
Now that second point is the real argument.

We in the West elected leaders who hate the West. Democrats and Republicans in Washington are dissatisfied with the citizenry. We do not meet their standards. They want to replace us with Mexicans and other people from banana republics. I mean if you are going to build a banana republic, you need a citizenry familiar with the apparatus.

Kates also explained Trump's policies, which mirror his own party's in Australia:

  • Border protection
  • Dealing with terrorism and Islamic jihad
  • Market-based policies to encourage recovery
  • Lower taxes and certainly no “death taxes”
  • Reduced public spending
  • Removal of Obamacare and an open national market for health insurance
  • Supreme Court appointments who are constitutional scholars
  • Suppressing voter fraud
  • Understanding climate change is a fraud
  • Encouraging fracking and coal-based sources of power
We can Make America Great Again, which will help save the world from the catastrophe of being run by people with evil intent and the well-meaning fools who aid them.


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  1. Mr. Kates makes some good points. Even from as far away as Australia he can see that the difference between Trump and Hillary are like night and day economically. - Elric

  2. This guy needs to butt out. This is 'Merica, not Australia.
    What's that? It's okay for a foreigner to chime in on U.S. elections after all? Then zip it when 370 economists, including 8 Nobel Prize recipients, all sign a letter stating, in part, "Trump promotes magical thinking and conspiracy theories over sober assessments of feasible economic policy options." Keep in mind, these economists did not endorse Hillary in their letter, thus they are not hacks. Rather, they point out what they (not you) know best, that being that "Trump repeats fake and misleading economic statistics, and pushes fallacies ... If elected, Trump poses a unique danger to the functioning of democratic and economic institutions, and to the prosperity of the country."

    1. Economists? You mean, like Paul Krugman?

      Nobel Prize recipients? You mean, like Obama?

      Mark S.

    2. I mean 370 economists (i.e. people who are experts on the subject but good try trying to equate them with a Nobel Peace Prize winner in a totally different category as Obama), 8 of whom who won a Nobel Prize for said subject, Economic Sciences. No, Paul Krugman was not one of the signees.
      But no doubt Mark S. you will side with the 306 economists who penned a letter in September saying Hillary's economic plan was not sound at all. What a true Trumper you are.

    3. And we're back in Warmie-land.

      Set phasers to "Bullsh*t Detection".

    4. Anon, you mean like the EU economists and Deutsche Bank economists who created and are presiding over the systemic failure in Europe? Those geniuses? Good luck to you in your career as a globalist flunky. I mean that sincerely.

    5. Dave, as always, your comments brighten my day. And Elliott, good bust, brother. The Aussies are our friends. I don't give much of a shit about Europe anymore but the Australians are still worth defending...

    6. Albert Einstein’s response to the 1931 pamphlet "100 authors against Einstein," commissioned by the German Nazi Party as a clumsy contradiction to the Relativity Theory, said, "If I were wrong, then one would have been enough."

  3. Reality is the same the world over.

    1. And many economists seem not to have a good grasp of it.

  4. Unfortunately economic theories are not like those of physics and really have only weakly verifiable math. There were thousands of scientists at CERN looking for the HIggs, but the only consensus they shared was a statistical one based on a very strong theory that still had to prove itself, and indeed many hoped the Standard theory would fail.
    There is no consensus like this in Economics which deals with human behavior. This why there are "schools" of thought in economics. In fact the Marxists are still fighting the Capitalists and the Keynesians with the Austrians over the Truth. Many of the big money firms in the NYC have given up hiring them as individuals because they seem to offer little predictive help with the bottom line. Whenever they get quoted in the press they are always esteemed as "respected", prestigious, leading," or a Nobel laureate, as if the latter meant anything anymore after that award's recent shameful debasement by its socialist priests for frivolous and fleeting temporal political reasons. In fact economists are only quoted now in batches and only for political reasons.
    America is often compared to Rome but for the wrong reason. We are not like Rome whose lazy citizens farmed out its defense to barbarian illegal aliens, though it did, and we have not. We are like Rome because America rediscovered what the Romans Republic knew 2300 years ago, Capitalism creates wealth better than any system ever devised( the Romans had a pretty brutal form of it), but that wealth when it becomes so vast that private spending, no matter how lavish, cannot drive it out of existence or control its flow, corrupts the political system that created it completely. In a word, The rich share their money with the politicians in order to control them and keep the game going by having them crush competition. Since no politician can amass wealth faster than by exploiting the private wealth of others, he will never harm this source of power and aggrandizement for himself, but only seek to enhance it in anyway possible, by handing over control of the law, itself a Roman Cultural legacy to us but to them under even the honest Cato, just a tool.
    Trump is hated and feared by his enemies in the press and in private life and political life because his ascension will mean an end to their control of the law. This is what the Australian guy means.

    1. Anon, ya done GOOD with this. Give us a name to go by, to tell you from the anonymous Anons.

  5. Hear, hear! Well said, Anon@4:49!

    Personally, I prefer to stick with the old, traditional types of economics, which has two major schools: 1/ Entrails of chickens, or 2/ Throwing the bones. They both work well (Vegas was built on throwing the bones, after all!)

    Sacrificing virgins is too old-fashioned for me, though some still say it's more accurate. Of course these days it's hard to come by qualified research material....