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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Ari Fleischer on Trumping the press

This is not a book review, although I may send Ari Fleischer a copy. This is my take on a column from President Bush 43's first (and best) spokesman.

"Trump vs. the White House Press Corps" is the headline the Wall Street Journal put on his column.

Isn't that called normal?

A free press certainly would hold a president accountable for his actions. Instead we have one that parties with the president annually. He may not hold press conferences, but by golly he will deliver a 15-minute monologue each year. This pre-dates Obama by many a president.

Fleischer sees something beyond the Never Trump attitude of the press.

From his column:
The clash will go beyond ideology and the media’s dislike of Mr. Trump personally. It will happen because, while the press as an institution is largely in decline throughout the U.S., the White House briefing room is one of the mainstream media’s last bunkers of power. It’s a place where they dominate—satisfied with the traditions and practices that predate social media—even as the press struggles, especially financially, with how news is made and covered today.
After pointing out there are 750 correspondents but only 49 seats in the briefing room, Fleischer wrote:
The White House press secretary used to decide who got what seats, but this authority was given to the White House Correspondents Association in the middle of the George W. Bush administration. Nothing prohibits the incoming administration from taking it back. The valuable West Wing real estate occupied by the White House press corps isn’t the property of the press. It belongs to the U.S. government.
Musical chairs.

Of course, President Trump will take back seating chart because he does not need the briefing room or the people in it.

Let me explain.

Trump built his empire in part by owning the media, one news cycle at a time, over the last four decades.

Now President Trump can use Twitter to win a news cycle. In less than 140 characters, he can trigger these jerks. It's easier than getting the dogs next door to bark.

Is jerking their chains fair?

From Fleischer:
The press hasn’t been kind to Donald Trump—and that isn’t its job. That job is to cover the news in a fair manner. But as the Columbia Journalism Review reported in October, campaign-finance disclosures show that those who work in journalism gave $396,000 to the presidential campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Mr. Trump, with more than 96% going to Mrs. Clinton.
Left out are the corporate donations to Hillary from Disney (ABC), Comcast (NBC), Rupert Murdoch and family (Fox News), and Time Warner (CNN), just to name the broadcasters.

The reporters themselves are social justice warriors.

From Fleischer:
I don’t know what changes President-elect Trump will make, but he has extraordinary latitude. If he decides to go around the press entirely, abolish the daily briefing, give seats to different reporters, appoint a combative press secretary, or not take a press pool with him to dinner, the reason he’ll be able to get away with it is because the mainstream media lost the trust of the American people.
Trump the press.


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  1. Been out of the country and out of reach of the Internet since November 1, and came back to hear the great news of Trump's election. To the Libs: We won! Deal with it!

    The current press room is the room that used to house the WH swimming pool. I assume the pool itself still exists beneath the floorboards of the pressroom. President Trump should kick the press out of the WH and restore the swimming pool to its original use. After all, during his first year in office Trump will have to use the faux Oval Office in the Executive Office Building while the Secret Service upgrades the security of the real Oval Office (which Obama refused to allow to proceed as long as he was president). As long as Trump is relegated to the EOB, so should the pressroom. There's no reason why the media should have better access to the WH than the president does.

  2. This post is delicious. Trump goes around the media by habit now. They've made their fleabitten bed, now they LIE in it. Double entendre intended.

    The basic rule should be that if you hate Trump, you should not cover him; hate is blinding. Until they learn that lesson, it's political Siberia for them.

  3. My advice to him would be to not give the press any privileges that he would later regret giving them and feel reluctant to take back because it would look like a loss of face. They should have to earn anything he gives them.

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  5. Too many journalists entered the profession because the admittedly "wanted to change the world" not realizing that such is not the job of a journalist.

    Reporters report. That's it! It's, in truth, a rather boring job of who, what, when, where, why(no offense Don). They want to make it a sensational job, and the only way to do that is to sensationalize what they report.

    IMO They have become so inured to that approach that most of them don't even realize that they ARE sensationalizing the news. If you told them to strike every adverb and adjective from their reportage, I'd bet most journalists under the age 50 would fail to identify half of those modifiers.

    1. Reporters tend to be SJW's and SJW's always lie. And the always double down on their lies.


  6. "Isn't that called normal?" I think normal will be White House Press vs. Trump. Current normal is White House Press Loves Obama.

    I think what he should do, mostly is use his YouTube channel for speeches, and some press conferences, with his own recorded video of what he said and what they asked and said.

  7. The way Trump can set that deck of cards jitterbugging, the MSM hacks would mad to sit down at the poker table with him.

    1. But they will, because they KNOW they're smarter than he is. (Sloooooooooooooooooooow learners.)

  8. Maybe if the MSM had've let Hillary get into hot water occasionally, she wouldn't be so dirty now.

  9. I hope he puts Breitbart in the front row and gives them the right to ask the first question in every briefing.

  10. Kick them out of the building all together and only deal via video conference.They waltz around the white house like privileged little brats high on their perceived power. Send them down the street and use the current press room for storage.