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Saturday, November 19, 2016

"A cabinet that thinks like America"

Tired of winning yet?

Yeah, me neither.

(BREAKING NEWS: President Trump supporters worried that President Trump won't fulfill his promises.)

OK, enough of me trying to be cute. Winning is a great clarifier. The Daily Mail reported that Sir Rupert Murdoch (who backed Hillary in 2008 and 2016) arrived at Trump Tower on Friday to take that Golden Elevator ride to the $100 million Trump penthouse.

(I trust the elevator music is "Speak Softly Love.")

From the Daily Mail:
Political and business elite as well as several family members have been spotted walking in and out of Trump Tower over the last several days.
Many are having meetings with Trump as the President-elect's transition team helps decide who will be by his side in the White House.
The story was big on photos, small on news. President Trump moved his meeting place to Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster Township, New Jersey, on Friday evening.

The ring is kissed. He took 30 states. He can forgive The Mormon. He can forgive Ted Cruz. Bring in the sheaves.

Conservatives have not had a shot like this since 1952. At 63, this is the biggest chance they have had in my lifetime. They own the presidency and Congress. True, Bush 43 did too, but one traitor cost him the Senate early on. Trump has two senators to spare.

Poor Reagan never had the House.

It's time to appoint justices, judges, replace Obamacare, tear up TPP, destroy the Iranian deal, cut taxes, et cetera. The public gave Republicans their votes. Trump gives them their marching orders.

Guess what? They were already headed there. I said it all along: He is on board. This is not a liberal-in-conservative clothing. He has the blueprints. He has the political capital. Now all he needs is the workers and -- boom -- the swamp is drained, the nation saved.

Rush Limbaugh on Friday pointed out Trump is assembling his Cabinet quickly so he can hit the ground running. From Rush:
And one of the reasons for the Drive-By fixation on the transition is that they are guarding very carefully the idea that Trump must put together a cabinet that "looks like America." So they're openly worrying that Trump will not appoint enough people of the proper race, the proper gender, the proper sexual orientation (and whatever other spurious ways liberals use to classify, qualify, and judge people). And, as I said, folks, I don't care what Trump's cabinet looks like. I don't care if Trump's cabinet "looks like America."
You know, I think that's a specious way of looking at things anyway. Looks like America? What, it's got mountains in it? Got rivers? What do you mean, looks like America? "No, Mr. Limbaugh, we're talking about the diversity of race." No, we're not talking about that. We ought to have broomed that. There's no meritocracy when you talk about diversity in terms of things people have no control over! What we want is a cabinet that thinks like America. We want a cabinet that works for and like America.
We want a cabinet that is going to put America's interests first. And to us, it doesn't matter what they look like. That's not among the top concerns that anybody has.
I like that phrase: "A cabinet that thinks like America."

We have a great country. We need to shove the government aside, and just let America be America.


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  1. Nobody in his/her right mind puts together a business that "looks like America." You get the best people you can.

  2. No Romney, Haley, or Ayotte. They are backstabbing snakes and should be shunned, not rewarded with a position in Trump’s administration. Loyalty matters.

    1. Better certain types of people be inside the tent p*ssing out than outside the tent p*ssing in. (Pardon my French).

      Besides, anyone who holds his fief directly from Trump's hand is ipso facto Trump's man. And they know that they will be VERY closely watched, and that the slightest foray off the straight and narrow will get them fired.

  3. "That's not among the top concerns that anybody has." Except for the Left, and even they don't practice what they preach to us.

  4. The President-Elect needs a cabinet that will kick a$$ and take names. Attitude, efficiency, and accountability are key. If someone doesn't measure up, get ready to hear the words, "You're fired!" - Elric