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Sunday, November 13, 2016

45th Amazon Review of "Trump the Press"

Yet another review and it is the 44th five-star review. I am pumped.
Highly Recommended!
By Good Soundz
Don Surber's book Trump the Press is an excellent read detailing the media's coverage of the events up to and including the Republican National Convention. This exhaustively researched book is written in a manner that intersperses it's analysis with copious quotations from the talking heads and the chattering classes that populate the media today. I enjoyed this book very much, so much, in fact that I bought a copy for my father, who also enjoyed it. I especially enjoyed the Peak Trump section. As Mr. Surber says on his website, his most powerful weapon is the authors' own words, and he uses it to great effect. I am looking forward to the long-anticipated sequel which I imagine will detail President-elect Donald Trump's journey to the White House. Thank you Mr. Surber for providing an illuminating perspective into the current state of American politics.
Thank you for the excellent review. This mitigates the pain we all feel about Trump losing.

Oh wait, the experts were wrong again! Guess I better get cracking on the sequel.


  1. You'll need to go on book tour, I would think one of those shows on PBS or NPR should be calling soon ah?

    Good job, keep it up.


  3. You DA MAN, Don! jjs: Great sarcasm!

  4. Mr. Surber, Clarice Feldman from American Thinker linked yesterday to your book. Looks like she read it, too! Congrats!