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Sunday, October 23, 2016

WikiLeak of the day

In which a Reuters reporter clears Benghazi coverage with Hillary henchman John Podesta. 
To:,  Date: 2015-04-21 19:46 Subject: Fwd: RE: hello 
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Please do. I put in a call to Kendall yesterday but they said he was out of town til Weds or Thurs. I would love to talk to one or both of them about this. Many tks for any encouragement you could offer to that end. Rgds mh 

*From:* John Podesta 
*Sent:* Tuesday, April 21, 2015 5:29 PM 
*To:* Hosenball, Mark J. (Reuters News) *Cc:* John Podesta *Subject:* Re: hello   
Mark, That's in a different lane with Kendall and Cheryl. Mind if I share this email with them? John  

On Apr 21, 2015 5:11 PM, wrote:  I have run across a rather interesting document which outlines in detail the principal current objectives of the House Benghazi Committee, and was wondering if you might have a minute or two to discuss this. If you are anywhere near 1333 H in next day or two I might even show the document to you (I’m out on Thursday, however) though I am reluctant to hand out copies at this stage. It is a document which raises some questions about the bona fides of the committee’s investigation, rather than about anything specific a certain former SecState might have done. If this is something that you would not want to get involved in, if you had any alternative ideas as to who I ought to speak to I would welcome them. Hope all is well etc. All best & regards mh


  1. A criminal enterprise will be running the country. As the saying goes, we will be in the best of hands.

  2. Why to vote Trump, reason #1542739205869321599.

  3. Speaking truth to power? More like sucking them off.

  4. Speaking truth to power? More like sucking them off.

  5. just read an article, 50,000 at Gettysburg and 30,000 in Cleveland last night for trump. I haven't heard if Hillary even made it out of her jammies this weekend.

    1. No, they left appearances up to the Comedy Sidekick.

      Supposedly, her eyes have gone loopy again.

  6. I'm surprised they even covered it at all.

  7. He didn't just "run across" the document. He probably got it from a Democrat member of the committee who leaked it to him. This was the committee headed by Trey Gowdy. The leaker had to be one of the following Democrats: Elijah Cummings (MD-07), Adam Smith (WA-09), Adam Schiff (CA-28), Linda Sanchez (CA-38), Tammy Duckworth (IL-08). My guess it was Cummings, a POS who has been doing everything he can to shield Hillary ever since he was chosen to be the affirmative action lead guy to subvert the Congressional investigations of her disastrous performance as SoS.

  8. The D N C ...are a conga line of conniving, lying,unsavory pack of con artists. How anyone can support that cockeyed gape mouthed hustler Hillary is beyond me.