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Saturday, October 01, 2016

What do you want in a sequel?

When I wrote "Trump the Press" during the Republican nomination process, I did so with little (but quite valuable) input from others. Now that readers have read the book, I am curious as to what they would want in a sequel. Also what they don't want. I envision a stand-alone book. Rather than rag on conservative pundits, I prefer to concentrate on the reporters themselves. But I am very open to suggestions, and I am not going to box myself in. Certainly deadlines such as Christmas or the Inauguration are silly.

For readers unfamiliar with the work, the reviews at Amazon (as well as the ones in the right-hand column) will bring you up to snuff. Dr. Paul Damus had the first review at Amazon, and I recommend reading his review. I would like suggestions from people who haven't read the book. Some of the best ideas in life come from unfamiliar places.

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  1. I would like to read more on the animus to Trump and his supporters and how the media has doubled down on trying to throw the election.

  2. If Trump wins: What Schlongvester said. The doubling-down of the media and why they tosses aside the last shreds of appearance of credibility. And some speculation on what Trump's new coalition of voters is going to look like. (Be fun reading that 20 years from now.)

    If Trump loses: Something on what the Republicans can do to learn from the man, both in positions and tactics in fighting the legacy media.

  3. A "Who's Who" or "Know Your Varmint" of the various types of Leftard might be a useful appendix.

  4. "Trump the Press" is about the press and pundits getting it all wrong over and over on the presidential election. How about a book on all the other experts and know-it-alls who are never (or hardly ever) called to task for getting it wrong? Weather forecasters, sports commenters, stock analysts, climate catastrophe "scientists", government bureaucrats all come to mind.

    1. Good Idea - and while you're at it, the foibles of those who tout themselves as the "Educated" - those with "College Degrees", so many of whom don't KNOW anything, in particular the J-School grads who presume to inform when they don't actually know much of anything: to explain things, one should actually know some facts.

      Maybe if they had a clue how the atmosphere works......

  5. Big D, if it were me (and I can't write one tenth as good as you can), I would seek out and write about the people Aaron Wildavsky called Fatalists. They are going to turn out. Many of them have never voted before. Like you so brilliantly chronicled in your last book. Find them, talk to them, and write a book about it. I would call it, Out Of THe Shadows.

  6. As an aside I wonder, since so many of us obviously post anonymously out of concern for our safety and jobs and that of our relatives, just how bad it will be if the clot wins. The sequel should cover this as an issue.

  7. In the primaries The Donald was the big surprise. The media saw him through a different lens than many voters. Your book illustrated the disconnect between the “elite” and those primary voters in “fly over country”. Members of the media were expressing themselves honestly and the contest at the time was for each to distinguish themselves by describing, as colorfully as possible, how The Donald had utterly failed to meet its tests of statesmanship and when we could expect his candidacy to implode. Your book is an entertaining curration of their bon mots.
    After Trump won the nomination, the elite realized that something was out there - its scale and scope not fully understood, but the danger could not be denied. Now the media’s mission has changed. They need to engage and destroy The Donald to protect their weak and unpopular candidate, their worldview and their narrative in which they are their own heroes.
    My suggestion for your next book is to look at the tactics employed by the media to get Hillary elected, by ennobling her and diminishing him. What memes are amplified and what stories just quietly disappear? What memes do they coordinate? What are the weaknesses of these tactics? How have they been countered successfully or not? An obvious example is the treatment of Hillary’s health issues. It was all “right-wing conspiracy stuff” until it wasn’t, until the video appeared on the web and that narrative suddenly became unsustainable.
    I recognize that making this as laugh-out-loud-funny might be a bit of a challenge and it would involve a different kind of work, but it would be a worthy sequel.

  8. Hey, I like ALL the above ideas! And I'm overjoyed that a sequel will be forthcoming!

    My only suggestion- I've been amazed at how much political "incest" there is. So many in Washington have ties to the Media that they never mention; important people in Congress or the Administration have family members in the very media that's supposed to be watching over their performance.

    No wonder that so many times we hear "the dog that didn't bark." It seldom does! We need watchdogs that are meaner, and less trained to obey.

    I'd love for your book to explore these little-mentioned relationships!

  9. A glossary of Sanders-speak might come in handy.

    I never can keep track of whether we all are running-dog imperialist lackeys or rabid capitalist hyenas.

  10. There are probably several books in you that would fit here, the one I out like to see follow the "Trump the Press" Table of Contents and compares or contrasts the earlier with the later reality.

    If that doesn't make enough sense, tell me and I'll try to do better by email.

    You already have my "Ponderous Ponder" that might yet have something worthwhile in it.

  11. All the above are great food for thought. I like the style of #1, but for number 2 it might be interesting to organize it chronologically a bit more from after the nomination. The good part is that you won't have to introduce many new characters because everyone's been doing the same thing. I'll take that back a bit because some people have gone through a 12 step program.

    How's this: "Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail?" Wait, no...maybe not that one...

    However, as your devoted reader I recommend a large red (finned and chromed) Buick while your writing it...

  12. SNL Cold Open: Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton Presidential Debate

  13. Show the disdain/hate for Trump supporters from the press/media of the Left and what used to be the Right.