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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Today is National Sexism Day


  1. I disagree with whoever marked this Cool. It's more of the same old same old for the last 20-30 years.

  2. One possible solution.

    Didn't the Beverly Hills Uplift Society make bandleader Meredith Wilson an honorary woman?

    Showing my age...

  3. Just thought of a description of nevertumper politicians.
    Basket of Disposables.

  4. I've read so much French Revolution stuff lately I've started to compare everything to it. That pussy tape is the letter they found in the apartment of Louis XVI after the flight to Varennes. The royal family was brought back to Paris before throngs of sullen subjects lining the streets. The letter put the lie to any possible excuse for the King's behavior. It was what led him the guillotine.
    It was written out of sheer petulance. There was no need for it. He could have explained himself from the safety of an allied country with an army behind him.
    The Bush royal family was shamed similarly. They felt they had some divine right to the White House. That bad, bad man, Donald Trump deprived them of the executive office. They had run off and hid, but they had to take a lot shot at the usurper.
    Now they are despised beyond any measure they may have dreamt of by people who used to admire them. The shouts similar to "Vives le Roi" will never be heard by them ever again. And their minions will be hunted down one by one and deprived of office and power like the Girondins.
    To the scaffold.

  5. Probably why Bruce Jenner made the change. He just wanted to have a day.

  6. Saw this tweet today, made me think of Trump the Press ~Angie

  7. My friend in AFG says "Thursdays".