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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

My country is hurting and has been since 1989

As he departed the White House on January 20, 1989, Ronald Wilson Reagan left a nation that was in excellent shape to prosper in the coming century, and a world that was about to achieve peace with the imminent collapse of the Soviet Empire. The 1980s were the most productive decade in American history since the 1920s, which were guided by Reagan's model, President Coolidge.

But the Party of Reagan was a catch-phrase, not the reality. Republicans in Washington are never comfortable with not being the minority party and Bush worked hard to get Republicans back to their rightful place in political history: second place.

Reagan got Bush elected president. Bush got Bush unelected. Some say it was his "read my lips" pledge of no new taxes, which he promptly broke. Others say it was turning the victory in the Gulf War into defeat by refusing to go to Baghdad to oust Saddam Hussein. Still others say it was when he looked at his watch in one of the 1992 debates.

Bush took credit for the Soviet collapse, and then declared a peace dividend, and pushed to cut the military budget accordingly. Rather than balancing the budget with this dividend, Bush ramped up social justice spending. Dukakis would not have gotten away with cutting the military AND raising taxes without balancing the budget.

Clinton gave us NAFTA and the assault weapons ban. His youth and inexperience turned the House over to the Republicans for the first time in forty years. The Bushies hated Newt Gingrich for winning the House but could do little to thwart him. Gingrich led a war to force Clinton to balance the budget, but Clinton's impeachment for perjury ended with Gingrich gone. Sex is private when it comes to a Democratic president, but a congressman cannot ever have sex anyone except his wife -- and only one wife per customer.

The Party of Saints replaced Gingrich with Dennis Hastert, a pedophile and pederast who as a high school wrestling coach preyed on the most vulnerable of his students. Family values.

Bush II came along and we further federalized schools with No Child Left Behind and yet another Cabinet position -- the Department of Homeland Security. Republicans let the assault weapons ban lapse, but kept the NAFTA.

The economy in the 1990s was built not on manufacturing, but on zeroes and ones. Computer companies were all the rage. When the bubble burst, the only plan was to drop taxes again -- but not the spending. The result was a paper-moon economy sailing over a credit card sea.

Bush 43 had some integrity. His administration successfully prosecuted two dozen corrupt CEOs, including Ken Lay, who received a prison sentence. Obama has prosecuted Zero.

But he was weak and hired Hank Paulson of Goldman Sachs as his last Treasury secretary. Paulson left him holding the bag for an economic collapse, timed conveniently to install a Democratic regime in the Oval Office. A $700 billion TARP and an $837 billion stimulus (which followed Bush's $150 billion one) were only the beginning of the trillions to flood the stock market. The Fed has been feeding quantitative easing to Wall Street for nearly a decade, which along with absolute zero interest rates should trigger the greatest economic boon in history.

It didn't because we have no economy left. They deported it to China. Apple is a Chinese company. Hollywood is about to follow. Do the people at Google really believe a foreign knockoff won't rise to take their place?

I have no idea how or whether Trump can reverse this. But I do know Clinton won't. She benefits from this canvas sky, muslin tree, Barnum and Bailey world -- just as phony as it can be.

Trump is our last best hope. If you think Trump saying pussy disqualifies him, do us all a favor and don't bother to vote.


I get that he's not Reagan. Do you get that he's not Clinton -- or Obama -- or Jeb Bush?

That's good enough for me.


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  1. Obi-Don IS our only hope at this time. I see Hillary's inner Palpatine.

    1. I think I'm going to be sick.

    2. In reference to the"inner Palpatine". Made me think anatomically.

  2. People in the know understand that shit's gotten serious at this point. Good post, Big D.

  3. Was reading about the PNAC this morning. Project for a New American Century. Neocon war boosting. They promoted themselves as Reaganites. Somehow I doubt that Ronald Reagan, who you are correct, admired Coolidge enough to place a bust of him in the White House, would have based his policy going forward after the collapse of the Soviet Union on a war economy. Coolidge and Harding did exactly the opposite after the progressive wars (Spanish-American and WWI) had come to an end. So would Reagan have turned his sights on things domestic. The neocons and the progressives have this in common: they use war and whatever equivalents of war they can use a pretexts to expand and centralize power at the expense of the working man. Hillary is a neocon. That's why the Republican Establishment loves her so much. She means that they can continue to sup at the military industrial complex money tree cafeteria while engaging in legislative failure theater while keeping the folks back home enraged about overspending, high taxes, abortion, and a constantly declining culture and morality while doing nothing of substance about it.
    Well boys, you'd better get your acts together, because regardless of the result of this election your days are numbered.
    Ryan and Jimminy Cricket (McConnell) need to resign their offices.

  4. Two points:

    1. Bush 41 deserves partial credit for NAFTA - he negotiated it but Clinton got it approved by the Senate.

    2. Ken Lay was convicted but died before he could be sentenced.

    1. I doubt Hillary Clinton would be that considerate.

  5. Sir Robert Walpole, the UK's first ever Prime Minister (1727-1740), appointed at a time of great crisis, has been described thus:

    "Ruthless, crude, and hard-working, he had a "sagacious business sense" and was a superb manager of men. At the head of affairs for the next two decades, Walpole stabilised the nation's finances, kept it at peace, made it prosperous."

    Sound like anyone we know?

  6. Reagan wasn't Reagan, either. Conservatives built a myth about him that doesn't jibe with history.

    He let Jerry Ford twist in the wind in '76, knowing one term of Peanut was all we could take. He cheated on Wyman.

    Trump has more of Reagan in him than a lot of people realize.

  7. Great read, Don. That close is great, and you speak for me 100%. This thing with the video ... people are allowing the media and party power brokers to manipulate them. I would suggest they stop allowing that.

  8. I plan on voting for the slimeball, Don. But as you well know and alluded to Republican candidates for POTUS can't have the kind of history Trump has. By nominating him we virtually guaranteed a Hillary victory. There were at least 3 in the primaries who would have given the GOP a better shot at the WH, and I am NOT talking about Jeb.

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