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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Media even disgusts Geraldo

The fix is in so hard and so blatantly for Hillary Clinton that even Geraldo Rivera is shocked.

Via Melanie Hunter of CNS News, what Geraldo said on Fox News on Friday:
I have never – and I’ve been around a long time – ever, ever seen the mainstream media, particularly the New York Times or the Washington Post – be so partisan in terms of their involvement.
And I also want to say imagine how daunting it is if you’re Donald Trump and you wake up every day knowing that there are 20 of the best investigative reporters at the Washington Post and 20 of the best investigative reporters at the New York Times on your case every day, every night, 24-7.
Anything that ever reflects negatively on you, they will dig up. They’re the best investigative reporters. Whatever you think of their political ideology, they are very much, very competent people.
My point is that I have never seen a more – I think it really started with climate change, where I saw the New York Times take a hard turn to the partisan world.
The segment then devolved into an advertisement for Fox News, with the usual bleating of fair and balanced. That went out the door with Roger Ailes. The Murdoch family will turn it into a pile of bile lorded by Shep Smith and Megyn Kelly, two lightweights who should be doing the weekend weather on WTAP.

This is not an anti-Trump media. This is pro-Hillary. Calling it anti-Trump gives the false hope that Jebbio McCruzney would have done better.


Democrats will dig dirt, or create it out of thin air. Remember when Harry Reid said Romney did not pay taxes. That was a lie. Reid got away with it.

Democrats want to win.

The difference between 2008 when the media went in the tank for Obama and now is that Trump is twice the candidate McCain was, and they have had to work harder and more blatantly to carry Hillary over the finish line.


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  1. I don't believe the WaPo and NYT have the best investigative reporters; I think Drudge and that video guy whose name escapes me now are the best. The N&W guys are only sicced on Repubs and fenced off from Dems. They don't know what they don't know.

  2. An animal fights hardest right before he/she knows they're going to die. This is the current behavior of the MSM. Dollar General is hiring, y'all...update yer resumes...

  3. The sad thing is that Jerry Rivers is not disgusted by the fact that the MSM overtly and unabashedly SUPPORTS Clinton, but by the fact that the MSM OVERTLY AND UNABASHEDLY supports Clinton. Same man, different tie!


  5. MSM started it's decline when people stopped keeping birds.

  6. Going as far back as the "Al Capone's Hidden Stash Episode", The stashed G has made common mistakes such as using "Best" and "Investigative" and "Reporters" together in a single referent sentence.

    That is all.

  7. To show what a lightweight Kelly is, Rachel Madcow has caught her in the ratings. If people want to watch a liberal, they'll go to the better one. Kelly's anti-Trump stance killed her ratings.

  8. Those investigative reporters might have been good back in the day, but they are rusty after 8 years of covering for Obama.