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Monday, October 03, 2016

Media buried Clinton's son story for 30 years

Matt Drudge today splashed the Danney Williams story. He is the son of Bill Clinton. The media knew about the story for nearly a quarter of a century. That is how long the national media -- Fox News and National Review included -- neglected their duty to inform the public, just like they tried with Clinton committing perjury in the Lewinsky scandal.

Which Matt Drudge also made public after the media knew and ignored the scandal back in 1998.

Olivia Nuzzi of the Daily Beast broke the Danney Williams story in May, and the rest of the media ignored it.

Till today.

When Drudge dredged it up. Danney Williams finally tweeted about it, and now the world knows for sure that Clinton is a bastard who turned his back on his son.

From Olivia Nuzzi on May 21:
My Quest to Find Bill Clinton’s Love Child
I tried to report out a supermarket tabloid story decades later. You’ll probably believe what happened next.
It’s the nose, really. The thin bridge and bulbous tip, the way it flares out suddenly at the nostrils. And the eyes, too, differing in color but conveying a similar spirit within their puffy pistachio shapes—playful and mischievous, as if laughing at a rumor that isn’t totally outside the realm of possibility.
For 24 years, on certain corners of the Internet and in the flimsy pages of certain supermarket tabloids, Bill Clinton and Danney Williams have been pictured side-by-side as proof of the conspiracy that they’re father and son.
Plausible enough, knowing what we know about ol’ Bubba.
That is Danney Williams.

Later in the column, she wrote:
Mostly, the mainstream media has ignored the maybe-story of Danney Williams—if we’re going by those papers, after all, Hillary’s adopted alien baby should be graduating from college.
But I wondered what would happen if I tried to report it out. Is the problem, as Clinton critics allege, that reporters don’t pay attention to stories like that of Danney Williams? Or is the problem people like Danney Williams?
The story, laid out in great detail in the anti-Clinton opus The Clintons’ War on Women, goes like this: Clinton, then the governor of Arkansas, was out for a jog one day in 1984 in Little Rock when he met Bobbie Ann Williams (sometimes spelled Bobbi or Bobby), a 24-year-old prostitute, at a housing project. A few days later, Clinton jogged by again, but this time he solicited Williams for sex behind some bushes for $200.
Over the course of several months, they engaged in similar behavior more than a dozen times—mostly alone but also with additional female partners—often at Clinton’s mom’s house out in the country or at a downtown Little Rock Holiday Inn, where Clinton rented rooms under the name William Clay.
Eventually, Williams became pregnant. Her suspicion that Clinton was the father was confirmed when the baby was born on Dec. 7, 1985, white as could be. He had been the only white man she’d slept with the month the baby was conceived. She named her son Danney Lee Williams Jr., as a way to, perhaps perversely, honor her husband.
Not long after Danney was born, Bobbie went to prison, and her sister, Lucille Bolton, took care of him. It was Bolton who tried to force then-Governor Clinton to acknowledge his son, making trips to the governor’s mansion and trying, to no avail, to fight her way through the army of staffers that cocooned him therein.
Who is Nuzzi? A former intern of Anthony Weiner during his run for mayor.

Now 30, Danney Williams is looking for his father. He is going public with it. You see, Clinton did not just dump Bobbie Ann Williams, he dumped his son.

His son.

He could have at any time met his son in private.

The scandal would have been, so what? Grover Cleveland made it to the White House a century earlier despite having a child out-of -wedlock.

But Bill Clinton is a weasel.

He did not take care of his son.

And that is what Danney Williams is. His son.

From Nuzzi:
On Feb. 18, 1992, the tale went from hometown rumor to saucy national story when it was published by The Globe, the weekly tabloid. “When I told him that he was the father of my baby, he just laughed,” Williams told The Globe, according to The Clintons’ War On Women. “He rubbed my big belly and said, ‘Girl, that can’t be my baby.’ But I knew it was. I just had this kind of woman’s feeling that this was his child.”
The Globe claimed Williams and Bolton had taken lie detector tests and both had passed, a common tabloid refrain. But despite the cinematic appeal, the story quickly faded away. It’d be six years before it cropped back up again in the news, thanks to the Internet.
Ultimately, Nuzzi was to get confirmation from Williams to write a story.

But she did write a column, which was ignored.

Makes one wonder what else the media ignores.

But hey, Donald Trump called a beauty queen "Miss Piggy" after she gained sixty pounds in a few months after wining Miss Universe twenty years ago.

Danney Williams is old news?

No, he is a 30-year-old human being who was abandoned by his father.


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  1. I remember reading about this 20 years ago on Free Republic.

    1. Yes, I recall hearing this story, too, but I don't recall where. And I'm thinking more recent than 20 years ago.

      Anyway, it's been bubbling for some time. If it turns out he is Clinton's son (she was screwing other men, after all, since that's what whores do) and that the Clintons knew, then the Arkansas Royals deserve any hell they catch.

      I'm worried, though, that this may be Birther 2016, which would do more harm to the GOP than good.

  2. Saw a picture of this fellow's mother on his FB page. She's quite good looking now, so she could have been a real stunner 30 years ago. Bill did have the roving eye.... A DNA test could settle the paternity issue but that's not about to happen.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Only money doesn't get abandoned by the Clintons.

  5. How about Bill and Danney agree to a DNA test and put all the speculation to rest once and for all?

    1. We are more likely to discover life on Europa than that happening.

  6. Run a DNA test - court-ordered if necessary - and if it comes back positive sue for back child support. Then grab some popcorn and sit back to watch the Clinton camp go into crisis mode. That would be more fun than Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey circus! - Elric

  7. grab the blue dress for God's sake.

  8. Well, if Bill Clinton had a son...