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Thursday, October 06, 2016

Kardashian coverage of the campaign.

Trump is serious, the press ain't. The moderators asked not one serious policy question in the first two debates. By design. The debates were set up by Bush and Clinton through their surrogates last autumn. The political press is a pack of social justice jackals sworn to elect Hillary Clinton as the first woman president, no matter how fascist, inept, and corrupt she is.

As a senator she pushed for wars in Afghanistan and Iraq -- swearing in 2002 that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction when her husband was president. Then she abandoned Iraq, throwing away 5,000 American lives at the altar of her own personal ambition.

The press has not asked her about her votes and subsequent abandonment of Iraq. Indeed, as Secretary of State, she failed to reach a status of forces agreement, and left the country to fend for itself against the Islamic State.

No member of the press asked her about that.

Instead, they challenge Trump's claim that he was not for the war -- without mentioning she not only voted for it but gave her word that there were WMD.

As Secretary of State, she pushed for an unprovoked war with Libya that destabilized the nation, which in turn unleashed a million refugees who now threaten to destabilize Italy.

Again, no questions from a press obsessed with a beauty queen's complaint that she was called Miss Piggy twenty years ago after gaining sixty pounds in six months after winning the prize.

The press covers for her, particularly her DTs-like seizures and her falling down. If not for an amateur with a cellphone, the world would not have known about her inability to stand on 9-11.

The press assigned to her is nearly all female. Glamour magazine reported this summer that of the 29 reporters covering her, 26 were female, including her best friend, Andrea Mitchell, who at 69 should be in the studio full-time.

Her FBI cover-up should be the subject of editorials denouncing her, but social justice idiots on editorial boards (even conservative ones) are uninterested in the rule of law. Instead we get childish foul-mouthed editorials condemning Trump because his language is not politically correct.

Likewise the press resoundingly ignores her laundering of foreign bribes and campaign contributions through a storefront "charity" and her skimming $6 billion of Haiti relief efforts.

Instead we get misquotes, half-quotes, and innuendo about Trump. This is celebrity coverage, not serious political coverage.

These snotty little sellouts to the liberal establishment shame a once worthy trade.


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  1. Nothing in the press has changed. In 1898, Pulitzer and Hearst maneuvered the Nation into war with Spain. Today, we are being herded into lawlessness and indentured servitude.

    1. Looks like they want war with Russia now.

    2. Indeed. Anything to make our citizenry ignore the real enemies (Domestic) that are within and are a substantial threat to our safety and livelihood. ("Look: Russians!")

  2. I was a YUGE Joe Jackson fan and Sunday Papers was one of my favorite songs back in the day. With sarcasm just gushing from his voice, he sang:

    Well I got nothin against the press
    They wouldn't print it
    If it wasn't true

    Joe Jackson helped steer me onto the conservative road. Thank you, Joe.

  3. Don, I'm sure you'd rather have written this more in sadness than in anger, but those fools in the media make you more angry than sad. They certainly do for me, and likely most of your readers, too.

  4. I often wonder how these people can look in themselves in the mirror in the morning and ignore the fact that they are propagandists just like the people who worked for Goebbels in Nazi Germany. He would be so proud of our media and what a good job they do as propagandists. What would be funny, if it weren't so sad, is that a lot of them actually believe they are objective.