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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Judge lets Florida run its own election

A federal judge did something rare for his occupation these days. He refused to take over a state function, in this case running the Florida election.

He is an Obama appointee, and Democrats were gleeful when he got the case.

Now they have the sadz.

From the Tampa Bay Times:
Democrats on Thursday failed to persuade a judge to order state officials to more quickly process a surge of voter applications to ensure that more people can vote early without having to cast provisional ballots, which are less reliable.
After a three-hour hearing, U.S. District Judge Mark Walker gave a strong vote of confidence to Gov. Rick Scott's top elections officer, Secretary of State Ken Detzner, in dismissing the Democrats' request for a court injunction.
"The system is working," Walker said.
The judge earlier granted the Democrats' request to extend the voter registration deadline by a week, until Oct. 18 because of disruption caused earlier this month by Hurricane Matthew. The storm posed monumental paperwork challenges for state and county elections officials in the hectic weeks before a presidential election in the nation's largest battleground state.
The weeklong extension produced so many new voters that the state and counties are working nights and weekends to review a growing pool of new voters that surpassed 72,000 Thursday.
The state's goal is to verify every new voter by Saturday, Oct. 29 — the last day that early voting can begin in Florida.
Why is this in federal court, though?

Judges have to stop taking these cases. Let the state judges make these decisions.

Until then, expect Democrats to continue to try to dodge state law by crying Civil Rights in federal court, where Democrat-appointed judges will ignore the Constitution's limits on federal power.


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  1. State AG's will have to follow Paxton's example and sue like their life depends on it, cuz it does.

  2. Old saying: All's fair in love and war. Dem saying: All's fair for US.

  3. Good point about jurisdiction. One reason for the left pushing identity politics so hard is to try and keep the raison d'ĂȘtre for those judges to have a pretext for taking these kinds of cases. It'll stop when the inevitable white advocacy groups begin litigating in the same way.

  4. Hmmm... I wonder why the Dems are pushing this so hard? It isn't like folks didn't have THE WHOLE ENTIRE YEAR up to now to register. I smell a rat. - Elric

  5. Limiting Federal power is so 19th century.

    1. Yeah. What's that silly 10th Amendment doing there? Seems that we've ignored it enough the past few decades that it should've atrophied and fallen off.