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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Is Bill Kristol a sufferable evil?

The emergence Monday of the disgusting Kristol column was a gift to the Weekly Standard. It provided an occasion, at the very last minute, for the magazine to dump a fundamentally unworthy and radically unfit editor. At the very least it provided an occasion for the party to separate itself radically from that editor.
Of course the above paragraph is nonsense. It is a slightly altered version of Kristol's lead paragraph on a Monday column:
The emergence Friday of the disgusting Trump tape was a gift to the Republican party. It provided an occasion, at the very last minute, for the party to dump a fundamentally unworthy and radically unfit nominee. At the very least it provided an occasion for the party to separate itself radically from that nominee.
A month before the election, Kristol is still a whiny little brat who at 63 is proof that certain men age but never mature. He has spent the last year or so trying to sabotage Trump's campaign to no avail. From July 2015 to January 2016, he pronounced achieving "Peak Trump" twelve times. After that I lost interest and lost count.

Republicans rejected neoconservatism in favor of a less saber-rattling and less globalist policy of putting America first. The pendulum of politics has swung back and righted itself. Americans are tired of trade deficits, budget deficits, and wars without reason.

Despite his lofty title as editor, Kristol's day job is serving as a conservative foil for liberals on talk shows. He favors arguments that are large on cleverness, weak on persuasion.

There is a market for such nonsense, and it is quite lucrative.


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  1. Kristol: We must kill ourselves or bend our knees to our Leftist Overlords to retain our self-respect.

    I pity da fool; well, not hardly: Ritual seppuku is his choice, and I support his right to choose,

  2. The game is up. People started complaining about failure theater a year or two ago. Connecting the dots to the commonality of neoconservatism took a while, but we can learn to do without their money and "brains".

  3. Bill Kristol is responsible for nothing more than Bill Kristol so he can go about spouting utter nonsense. Other people are not quite so fortunate or frivolous.

    -Mikey NTH

  4. Kristol, along with Freddy Barnes, has forever been the house Whig.

  5. We are close to World War three, Kristol must be
    delighted to be part of Hilliary's mess in the
    middle East...
    Hope he has a pair of sunglasses when the Iranian
    Sun rises in the west..

  6. After this weekend many Trump voters have declared they are voting Trump only and leaving the down ticket blank. Never Trumps on Twitter are having a fit scolding us (Yes I'm one) at how stupid that is, we need R controlled Congress to fight Hillary, (like they "fought" Obama giving him everything he wanted?) etc. Hahahaha! Loyalty is a 2 way street.
    I still think Trump wins (the elites are a small % of voters, and Paul Ryan never got more than 300,000 votes in his life), but if not, the rest of the down ballot goes down too -- I'm OK with that. No more kabuki theater for me.

  7. Trump The Press opened my eyes to a lot politicians/commentators I formerly respected who are now turning out to be dooshbags. Big D, you're like the Bob Dylan of modern day politics. A populist. A Man Of The People.

  8. Are you sure you are not reverting to your Democrat roots, Don? You sound an awful lot like a populist union Democrat.

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  10. Trump said, "When I made those comments eleven years ago, I was a Dimocrat. I apologize for both of those mistakes."

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