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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Indians: Best value in baseball

The Cleveland Indians and the Toronto Blue Jays behind the American League Championship series on Friday to determine who represents the AL in the World Series. It's a good match-up between teams that are in the bottom half when it comes to payroll.

The Jays rank No. 17 among the 30 teams in the major leagues. Cleveland ranks No. 24.

The Dodgers topped the Opening Day salary list with a payroll of $223 million, followed by the Yankees at $213 million.

Toronto's at $113 million -- $100 million behind. In fact, in its division it was behind the Yankees, Boston ($182 million) and Baltimore ($115 million). Only Tampa Bay ($73 million) was cheaper.

The Indians at $86 million were at the bottom of their division in spending. Detroit had double the Indians payroll ($172 million) but Cleveland beat the Tigers in 14 of their 18 games.

While the Dodgers and Washington (No. 6 on the list at $166 million) determine tonight who will face Chicago in the championship series, it should be noted that the Cubs are in the championship series, after ranking No. 14 at $116 million.

Cleveland is not a hot team that got lucky. Star outfielder Michael Brantley played only 11 of the teams 161 games due to injuries. He's out of the playoffs as are its No. 2 and No. 3 starting pitchers.although Danny Salazar could make the World Series. Guile and doggedness are the hallmarks of this team. A great manager -- Terry "Tito" Francona -- also helps. 

A Cubs-Indians series is my preference. I have nothing against the Dodgers or paying players what they earn. But as a native Clevelander, I must root for the Indians. And Wrigley is a great neighborhood ballpark.

Besides, money isn't everything, is it?


  1. Oh, how the highly paid are fallen! Hope your Indians win, Don!.

  2. Baseball went kaflooey when they had the Dodgers move to California.
    National Hockey League went kaflooey when they expanded past 6 teams.
    National Football League hasn't been worthwhile since the NFL afl merger.
    Now get off my lawn.

  3. I gave up all the pro sports years ago.

  4. The Indians single handedly knocked my Tigers out of the running this year. I hope they go all the way.