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Saturday, October 29, 2016

How would Jebbio McCruzney handle FBI's gift?

The diehards who continue to oppose Trump while maintaining they are not for Hillary suffer the delusion that their fantasy candidate -- Jebbio McCruzney -- would be cleaning her clock.


Would Jebbio have used social media to capitalize on Anthony Weiner's multiple indiscretions online?

Would Jebbio have continued to bait Hillary if it turned off the focus groups?

Would Jebbio have spent the last three months calling her Crooked Clinton, or would Jebbio have just accepted Jim Comey's cover-up as business-as-usual in Washington?

Put another way, what would Jebbio's donors want?

Would they really allow Jebbio to beat up on their backup candidate like that?

Trump's only donor is Trump.

He can tell the truth.

So can I.


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  1. How would Jebbio McCruzney handle FBI's gift?

    I cant say. But I can tell you how I handled it.. with a new Downfall parody video:

    Please watch and share if you enjoy!

  2. Uniparty®.

    As the 2:00 Eastern rally went live today, I answered one of my wife's "walk through" questions by telling her that President Trump is our murder weapon. In a minute or two I think she understood.

  3. Jebbio would still be on his hands and kneepads. Kneepads are for plasterers and tilers, not presidents.

  4. Had to share that one!

  5. Yeah, the idea that Cruz or Rubio or Bush would be way ahead of Hillary right now is just wishful thinking. No reality to it. Don't care what Frank Lunz says or Rove either.

  6. Would Cruz and Bush be anymore independent of the corrupt system than Hillary? No, Trump is the first independent candidate in my lifetime. As far as I can tell he owes no one "except we the people" anything.

  7. ps - watch out for Monday, Hillary will be throwing all she has left at Trump. The DNC will do a scorched earth attack.

  8. Trump's now gotta remember that Napoleonic dictum about not interrupting your enemy when they're making a mistake.

  9. Don't know if Hillary is dreaming in black and white, but I reckon Eliot Ness is being played therein by Robert Stack.

    "Hey, boss, itsa da Feds!"

  10. So... Who wants to try and sell this story to Hollywood?

    "So the two worst presidential candidates in American history race to the bottom as the Crook and the Fool and just as the Crook is about to pull off a win, the estranged husband of her chief adviser is arrested on sex charges overturning the whole campaign."


  11. Looking truer by the minute:

  12. I think Joe Biden would have won easily in a Democrat primary. Scott Walker would have won based on being nice and boring.
    But we need a wrecking ball in DC, a Hercules to clean the Augean stables.
    Trump 2016, MAGA, drain the swamp.

  13. We needed Trump in this battle. The repubs fight with the Marquis de Queensbury rules while the dems fight with the Marquis de Sade rules. The Queen will never win that battle.