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Monday, October 31, 2016

Hillary supporters are the Browns fans of politics

Mister Trump has Hillary supporters doing something I never thought socialists would do.


Turns out Hillary will not coast to the presidency, after all.

I know this feeling her supporters are having because I am a fan of the Cleveland Browns -- a team that for a half-century has heard only a rumor of something called the Super Bowl.

I was there when the Colts won 34-0 in the 1968 NFL championship. The next year, the Vikings broke our hearts. It took more than a decade to recover, but then Lester Hayes broke our hearts. The Drive. The Fumble. The FBI investigation of Art Modell's emails.

Oh wait, that last one was not on the list.

Just ten days ago, Clinton was all smiles and her handmaidens in the press were ecstatic.

From a beaming Boston Globe:
Clinton leads Democratic charge into red states
Hillary Clinton has grown so confident, she is working to expand her goals beyond merely defeating Donald Trump and is now trying to flip Arizona and other traditionally Republican states to generate a broader Democratic victory in November.
Handed a Republican opponent whose erratic debate performances and other flaws are dragging him down in the polls, the Democrats are working to build an electoral wave that would counter Trump’s talk of a “rigged’’ election and perhaps even award Clinton bragging rights to a mandate.
Clinton appears to have all the momentum heading into the final two-week sprint before Nov. 8, enjoying a solid lead in national polls and most of the traditional swing states, with the notable exception of Ohio.
Trump squandered what may have been his last chance to shine on the national stage Wednesday when he refused in the final presidential debate to say whether he would accept the election results.
Solid lead.

From NPR three days later:
The presidential election has entered its closing arguments phase. Hillary Clinton seems to have the edge in key states and may even be expanding into states that have traditionally voted Republican.
From Politico the next day:
House Republicans are increasingly worried that Donald Trump's presidential collapse will cut deep into their 30-seat majority, as races that looked relatively safe months ago have suddenly become battlegrounds in the final weeks of the 2016 election. The blowback against Trump has practically eradicated the GOP's early-autumn hopes of keeping its House losses in the single digits. Some senior House Republicans are now predicting they could lose as many as 20 seats.
Yet while Democrats are expanding the election map and competing for more and more districts, they haven't been able to put many races away. Vulnerable Republicans like Reps. Bob Dold (Ill.), Rod Blum (Iowa) and Cresent Hardy (Nev.) have put up ferocious fights, forcing Democrats to continue spending money in their districts — and eating into the pot of cash Democrats are now trying to spread into far-flung, late-breaking House targets from southern Indiana to Montana.
Now they pray.

From the Hill on Sunday:
Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is dealing with the ongoing fallout from an FBI investigation into her use of a private email server while secretary of State.
FBI Director James Comey sent a letter to Congress Friday saying that new emails have been found on devices seized by the FBI as part of its investigation into Anthony Weiner’s sexting scandal.
Brazile appeared annoyed on Friday over the media’s reaction to the FBI’s probe of new emails related to the ongoing investigation. 
“Good grief,” Brazile said on Twitter after a series of retweets of journalists clarifying the new development.
She has been at the center of the swirling controversies within the Democratic party. She took over as interim chairwoman after emails from Debbie Wasserman Schultz were released by Wikileaks that raised questions about the Democratic primary. 
More recently, other leaked emails showed that she provided the Clinton campaign with a question for a town hall event ahead of time.
But the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton's criminal activities as secretary of State is not the big push against Clinton.

Trump is.

He is fighting back, dumping about $100 million in ads nationally that compare and contrast the two candidates. He represents change, she represents cronyism. If you like your socialism that enriches the rich and squeezes the middle class, you can keep it.

The Browns on Sunday led the Jets 20-7 at halftime.

The Browns this morning no longer are 0-7 on the season.

They are 0-8.


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  1. Was off the grid for a few days. Something big always seems to happen when I do that. Something big always seems to happen when I do that. Comey seems to finally be doing the right thing for whatever reason. Obama will be forced to pardon the old lesbian after the election of Trump. Funny how all of those "independents" who have smugly declared themselves above all of this are now in a position where their virtue signalling self righteousness has them completely irrelevant and, yes, as impotent as a cuckolded husband. Yeah, sit back and watch your country (wife) get screwed. You're above the fray. Too good for this. Take your limp dick and go take a piss on the flag. That's all it's good for now, anyway.

  2. I'm not sure how the pardon thing works but I think she has to be convicted of a crime first? She more than likely won't be convicted till after January I'm thinking. She also has to deal with the Bill and Hillary crime foundation issue. My guess is she will be dead before she goes to jail or will go insane.

    1. Ford pardoned Nixon pre-emptively.

    2. "Ford pardoned Nixon pre-emptively."

      The political equivalent of a tactical dump.

    3. But no one bothered to challenge the pardon as unConstitutionally broad. Probably no one had standing to challenge. The SCOTUS would likely have declined to get involved in such an esoteric legal question; they would have arbitrarily declared it a political matter, not a legal one. Besides, everyone was so relieved Nixon was gone, who would have wanted to bring up the issue? Ford set a terrible precedent, no matter what his excuse for his action. Had Nixon committed a more serious crime than just the political ones he was accused of, and it were revealed only after Ford had issued him a full pardon, the country would have gone into total revolt.

  3. Yeah, Big D, not a good day for Cleveland sports yesterday. But a good day for DJT fans! The (democ) rats are deserting the sinking Bad Ship Hillary in droves. They won't vote for Trump...they just won't vote. Win win for the Good Guys!

    BTW, my wife dotted-line reported to Comey when she was at Lockheed. She's defended him all through this year as a man of integrity and honor, even while I was Ragin about the non-prosecution a few months ago. Now she's getting the last laugh. Damn, I hate when that happens...

  4. Ain't it amazing? Weiner actually did us some good by getting Comey back to work.

    1. I would love to know what Weiner is telling the FBI. Those who recall his behavior and performance as a US Representative know what an arrogant loud-mouthed combative p***ck he is. I can't imagine him holding back a thing if it could spare him a few minutes of prison time.

  5. They thought the fix was in.

    They never thought about which side.

  6. "Solid lead"

    Not Clinton's position in the race so much as her chemical composition.

  7. Yes Donna you should be praying -- that you do not go into the federal penal system. Heard a former FBI agent on radio this am, he said don't think Comey is being heroic or anything like that; he said Comey had no choice but to take this course of action and that had he not, the agency and other things were going to blow up.

  8. And now Brazile is OUT at CNN!!!!

    The first of many about to collapse.