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Friday, October 28, 2016

Endorse Hillary, accept vote fraud

The Dallas Morning News abandoned principle to endorse Hillary, its first Democratic presidential endorsement since FDR.

Now the newspaper approves of Democrats stuffing the ballot box.

From the Dallas Morning News:
This week, in Chambers County, officials discovered that machines were taking an appeals court contest off the ballots when voters chose to vote straight-ticket Republican. That was a serious glitch, and it was resolved quickly. 
What makes [Republican Governor Greg] Abbott's clear-headed response so important is that others have seized on every opportunity to undermine faith in the outcome of the election. Trump, for instance, tweeted: "What's going on?" when he heard reports of errors at Texas polling places. 
That kind of subtle invitation to undermine the election results imperils the rule of law. And it's foolish, anyway. It will be just as damaging to the complaining party the next time their candidate is on top.

Having Republican votes count as Democrat is just a minor, isolated event that would have no impact on the presidential race, according to the editorial board of the Dallas Morning News.

They lie. Vote fraud is a Democratic Party staple. Consider these Matt Drudge headlines this afternoon:
You accept Hilary's criminality, you accept vote fraud.

Any examples of Republican fraud yet?

Here is how much vote fraud is acceptable:
Here is how much credibility the Dallas Morning News now has:
Conservative newspapers that endorse Hillary are not necessarily liberal now.

But they are accomplices.


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  1. The News seems to be pretty much establishment Republican. It's owners are Dallas royalty in a town where your clan is of the greatest importance and it's family scion publisher a Harvard grad. Trump, a red maned, vulgar savage from Queens just doesn't fit into that world or it's weltanschauung. The double think necessary to support a reckless criminal over a successful street fighter is not hard. One simply thinks: she went to the same schools I did and knows people I do, and they think well of her, so she must be better than the alternative and, Shazam, all dissonance evaporates into the ether. Not hard at all.

  2. Wasn't that Molly Ivins' paper?

    1. Wiki: "She became a columnist for the Dallas Times Herald in the 1980s, and then the Fort Worth Star-Telegram after the Times Herald was sold and shuttered."

      Remember that bumper sticker, "A little town in Texas has lost its village idiot"? I wanted one that said, "Molly Ivins, Please Call Home".

  3. Enough people keep parakeets to keep that rag open? I really do miss print "journalism" when I'm painting inside the house or cleaning the guns I lost in the boating accident. So I guess there is still a need for the Dallas Morning News.

  4. Just to be technically correct, just heard of the first Trump fraud case:

    1. aka another DNC bird dog hiked it's leg.