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Sunday, October 02, 2016

Democratic officeholder votes 19 times

You know why Democrats lie and say Voter ID laws are racist? Because such laws would stop criminals like DEMOCRATIC state Representative Christina Ayala of Connecticut from voting nineteen times.

That's right. Ayala voted nineteen times in one election.
From the The New Haven Register:
State Rep. Christina “Tita” Ayala, D-Bridgeport, was arrested Friday on 19 voting fraud charges.
Ayala, 31, is accused of voting in local and state elections in districts she did not live, the Chief State’s Attorney’s Office said in a press release.
The arrest warrant affidavit also alleges Ayala provided fabricated evidence to state Election Enforcement Commission investigators that showed she lived at an address in a district where she voted while actually living outside the district, according to the release.
Ayala, who represents the 128th District, was elected in 2012, replacing her cousin, Andres Ayala, who was elected to the state Senate. She chose to run for re-election earlier this year, despite the voting fraud investigation, but lost a four-way primary in August.
The Elections Enforcement Commission referred the case to the Office of the Chief State’s Attorney in October 2013, recommending criminal charges.
Ayala allegedly voted in various Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee elections, a municipal primary election and a state primary election between 2009 and 2012 in districts inconsistent with the location of her residence, according to the release. She is also accused of voting in the Bridgeport state general election in 2012 in a district where she didn’t live.
Don't worry, Ayala. Democrats are pushing for voting rights for felons convicted of non-violent crimes.

Like vote fraud.


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  1. This is all of a piece.

    We saw it in '12.

    Be glad we've got someone who fights back

  2. there is not enough prison time for her and ALL people who falsify registration or multiple vote.

    1. True, time is money. Break out old sparky.

    2. As Glenn likes to say...laws are for the little people.

  3. She got a suspended sentence.

  4. Well it is Connecticutt so 19 Dem votes more or less doesn't mean much.

  5. @Comrade Terry: And this, too, which shows why, when no penalty is imposed, voter fraud remains rampant....

    "Although her mother, Democratic Registrar of Voters Santa Ayala, was also the subject of an investigation in the case, she was not charged."

    In 2000, we went through the agonizing charade of hanging chads when it was clear that as many as an estimated 10,000 New England and New York snowbirds voted twice in the presidential election, once in their home state and then again in Florida where they had a winter home. AFAIK, no one who did this was ever charged with voter fraud.

  6. Without voter fraud Dims would lose many elections. Have you ever notice that every time there is a recount more Dimocrat votes magically appear? It took three recounts for Christine Gregoire to win the election for governor in Washington. They do it in plain sight.

  7. She's even stupider than the average Dem.

    Doesn't she know that you can't vote multiple times while you're living- only after you're dead?

    Huh. Thought everybody knew THAT!

  8. That article is a mess. It does NOT say she was accused of voting multiple times in one election. It says she was accused of voting out of district multiple times, during both the primaries and general elections, but I interpreted that to mean in different election years. Even worse, however, she lied to investigators about her residential status, and that should have resulted in a really harsh sentence, not the suspended sentence she actually got. It seems to me she got off Scot free on obstruction of justice as well as voting fraud.

    And BTW, I served as a precinct voting official in my neighborhood several years ago. My job was to check the picture IDs of people as they signed in to vote and receive their ballots. Almost always the person offered his driver's license as his photo ID. In about 1 out of every 7 or 8 times, I noticed the street address on the driver's license was outside our precinct. Now there could be an innocent explanation for the discrepancy. For example, the person could have moved since the last time he applied for his driver's license, or he could have chosen to give the DMV his business address instead of his residential address. Whatever the explanation, voting out of precinct seems to me to be a very common fraud in the elections in our country. Most times, I suppose, it doesn't matter because the consequences are so small. But it does demonstrate how poor a job most local authorities do in running elections.