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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Clinton's son will not be denied

As governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton cheated with a prostitute on his mistress, Gennifer Flowers, and his wife, Hillary, when his daughter, Chelsea was four. The prostitute bore him a son whom he refused to take care of emotionally or financially.

The press covered this up for thirty years. No longer. Clinton's son, Danney Williams, at 30, has set the record straight.

And protesters at Clinton's rallies for his wife are letting the world know Danney Boy is here.

From Kyle Olson:
Bill Clinton was on the stage for less than one minute before he was confronted about allegations he had a son with a black prostitute.
“Justice for Danney Williams!” a man shouted multiple times at Clinton’s Cincinnati rally on Friday, pointing at the former president.
Interestingly, Clinton didn’t act like he didn’t know what the man was talking about.
“You oughta give this guy a hand,” Clinton told the crowd. “You know, his side has had a very bad week so let’s try to make him feel better.”
Yes, Clinton will get away with his racist refusal to acknowledge his black son. The press is his family's Super PAC. All the crap they accuse Trump of doing, Bill Clinton actually did with the approval of his wife.

Neither one of the Clinton is fit to be dog catcher. And yet, here we are.

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  1. Maybe Danney was conceived on the AstroTurf of Bill's El Camino. Who knows? Alls I can say is, I am not a supporter of reparations generally, but in this particular case, I am a YUGE fan. Justice for Danney!!

  2. If this hurts them, it hurts them where they need it most desperately - among blacks.

  3. They need to set Bill up. Get a hot woman to collect his DNA and then match it.

    1. The DNA is on the "Blue Dress"!

  4. The schadenfreude is delicious! At least Bill showed himself to be an Equal Opportunity Molester - and a deadbeat dad. - Elric

  5. Deadbeat dad - well he was the first black president.

    1. If Bill Clinton had a son, would he look like Danney? Instead of the revisionist historians rummaging through the family histories of long dead white Presidents to find black offspring, they have an opportunity to find one right under their noses but are unwilling to look. Danney Clinton probably deserves to have his picture on display in the Smithsonian along with the colored children of other white presidents.

  6. But, But, But. according to the Horndog in chief, Bill Clinton was actually our first black president!

  7. Quit adopting the tactics of the Left. It's not racist to abandon a kid because the mother happens to be black. Bill is perfectly capable of abandoning a white kid. I wonder where they are buried?

  8. Oh, for God's sake, as governor of Arkansas, Slick Willie executed a mentally retarded black man -- granted that the retardation didn't happen until a failed suicide attempt which took place after he had committed murder.

    But the point is that this obviously didn't hurt his standing with black voters. A Republican governor never would have been forgiven for it.

    But I'm sorry; the lion's share of black voters are bought and paid for. That's just a fact. Maybe The Donald is starting to reverse that trend, but I doubt that Danney Williams's story would move the needle even if it did obtain wider circulation.

    - Mark S.