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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Clintons freak about WikiLeaks

Nikki Schwab of the Daily Mail reported that that the drip, drip, drop of WikiLeaks has unnerved the Clintons.

From Nikki Schwab:
The trickle of Wikileaks revelations from Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman John Podesta's email account is fraying the nerves of those in and surrounding Clinton world.  
Politico looked into how Hillary, Bill and  Chelsea Clinton were faring as more gossip and dirty laundry spills out and the short answer, according to sources, is not well. 
The former president is 'having a hard time,' between the leaks and Donald Trump dredging up his past scandals, the former first daughter is livid and the Democratic nominee is straight up 'p***ed' that she's having to deal with these daily mini-scandals in the final month of her White House run. 
Donors and friends are furious too at both the leaks and the Trump campaign's tactics. 
'This is making me tear up, it's so infuriating and disgusting,' one Clinton aide wrote in an email during the last presidential debate. 'This is not our country.'  
Longtime Clinton fundraiser Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild was reportedly furious when she read an unflattering email about her written by Neera Tanden, the president and CEO of the Center for American Progress, the think tank started by Podesta before he joined on at the campaign. 
'I have to [see] that crazy Lade De Rothschild person,' Tanden had written in an email to Podesta, her old boss in April 2015.
The next month, Rothschild hosted a $100,000 her ticket dinner to raise money for the former secretary of state.

Papa Bear is bewildered.

Mama Bear is unhappy.

And Baby Bear is livid.

Goldilocks just might win this thing.


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  1. What does a UK publication have to do with our elections here in 'Merica? They don't know nothing and should butt out.
    Oh, sorry, forgot. Only when a foreign publication or dignitary smears Trump do said ferners need to butt out, per several Surber posts saying just this. But when said ferners rip the Clintons .... welcome aboard!

    1. Silly Anon! The overseas press isn't beholden to the Clintons OR The Donald. The U.S. press is beholden to the Clintons, but NOT The Donald.

    2. "They don't know nothing and should butt out"

      LOL. They obviously know a lot and are willing to print it, which is more than the US media are willing to do in their attempt to drag Hitlery over the threshold of the White House. And they're not "butting in," they are simply PRINTING the news, not tailoring it or creating it to fit her campaign. If it disturbs you to hear the not-fake news, no one is forcing you to read what they print. Go find yourself a safe space and hide until the election is over.

    3. Iaep - foreign press doesn't disturb me at all. Just pointing out when a foreign media or citizen prints or says something against Trump, Surber is the first to say "butt out." But lo and behold, when same said foreign entities criticize Hillary, it's worthy of golden post status. Such overwhelming hypocrisy is one main reason we are stuck with Trump and Clinton in the first place.

  2. I've been reading through the juicier revelations, and even if nothing emerges capable of capturing the broader public's imagination, the cattiness and gratuitous snark should destroy the interpersonal relationships among these vermin.

    The people in that business trade on who they know and who they can bilk out of donations. This "honor among thieves" is all they have.

    I wish them pain and suffering.

  3. Let them eat themselves. This Veritas II becomes that vanilla shortening icing that we all love.

    It's clear across most of the U.S.
    Fabulous Tuesday before Wednesday.
    Good night to null out the laser designators.

  4. For once, I agree with the (nameless) Clinton aide. Damn straight "this is not [their] country.

  5. Once the Enquirer shoots their guns, turn out the lights...the party's over...

    1. Show of hands...who thinks the National Enquirer racks will be empty by noon? Either Dem operatives buy them, or the stores won't display them.

    2. It's deja vu 2004 all over again! John Edwards' and Rielle Hunter's affair and love child are exposed by the Enquirer! Bill Clinton's love child and Hillary's lesbian affairs are out of the closet! It ain't over until it's over!

  6. It will make her presidency illegitimate from it's start.

  7. I love it when a plan comes together.

  8. Just remember, during her failed campaign for president in 2008, Hillary refused to back same sex marriage. I'm not one to put much trust in the Enquirer, and so we'll see what they have to say tomorrow, but if they have the story nailed down this time, as they did regarding John Edwards, Hillary will have a hard time explaining her past opposition to same sex marriage. Maybe she can claim it's one of those cases where it's perfectly acceptable for her to hold public and private positions that are so different, but really that's a bridge too far even for Machiavellian Liberals to accept.

    Trump talked dirty about women when he was a private citizen, but Hillary and Bill have had a fake marriage all during their time in government? Oh my. How will the NYT and WaPo manage to bury the story? Maybe Chris Wallace's first question to Hillary at the presidential debate tomorrow night could be, Do you deny these allegations by the Enquirer? And her answer should be either YES or NO. YES she denies them, or NO she does not. Just that: YES or NO.

    Tomorrow could be very entertaining, or it could be just another Enquirer/Geraldo Rivera-like farce. I said I would not watch the debates this year, but if there's anything to the Enquirer story, I'd be willing to watch the opening of tomorrow's debate just to see Hillary squirm. The popcorn will be at the ready...

  9. Was not a fan of WikiLeaks, but damn, I sure do love them now. Too bad he has been shut down, for now. I do believe that he will get around the shut down. But then most of it never gets into the main/lame stream press. And even if it did, the youngsters can't read.

  10. The truth hurts and it's about time the Clintons got a double dose of it. In America's younger days they would be tarred and feathered and ran out of town on a rail. - Elric