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Monday, October 24, 2016

Apple aiding and abetting homophobia

Apple opposes isolating Saudi Arabia and other nations that execute homosexuals. In so doing, is aiding and abetting homophobia and persecution.

From Pink News:
Apple has come out against a shareholder proposal to boycott countries where gay people are executed.
The tech giant, which is one of the world’s largest companies, sells its products in hundreds of markets across the world.
The company has set a strong record on LGBT rights, backing equality non-discrimination laws where it operates around the world and supporting equal marriage.
However, it is facing pressure from a shareholder this week over a mooted ‘boycott’ of countries which violate the human rights of LGBT people.
According to a release, Apple currently operates in 17 countries where homosexuality is illegal, and four where it is punishable by death.
Companies can do what they want.

But I wonder why we as a nation continue to be friends with Saudi Arabia and other radicalized Muslim nations.

However, Apple is phony as hell on social issues. It is pretty easy to be LGBT friendly in a land where the worse that happens to a homosexual is some baker refuses to bake a cake for your wedding.

Real virtue is in defending gay rights in countries where they execute gays.

I don't expect a company to do that. But Apple management should shut up about being LGBT friendly because the company is not.


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  1. Exile Tim Cook to Saudi Arabia.

  2. YouTube not processing the video

  3. It's all about the riyals. Money has no conscience. - Elric

  4. SJWs don't attack those who WILL fight back.

  5. Apple is a bit of a hypocrite. It doesn't actually manufacture the products its sells, nor does it really believe the social justice policies it "sells" to the public.

  6. The fruit logo with the big chunk out of it ... is that some kind of subliminal threat?

  7. "Apple is phony as hell on social issues."

    All Lefties are.