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Friday, October 14, 2016

A British columnist defends Trump

Daily Mail columnists Katie Hopkins and Piers Morgan support Trump, which gives the London newspaper's staff more Trump supporters than the Washington Post and New York Times combined, as the American media tries to crush any and all dissent.

Hopkins uses colorful language to get the point across that as explicit as Trump's language in private conversation was eleven years ago (for which he apologized), the actions if Obama, Team Clinton, and the Bushes.

First she took on the Republican Establishment.

From Hopkins:
Fearful for their own political future, deserting Republican politicians have spoken of not being able to look their daughter in the eye and still back Trump, despite having made him the party's nominee.
Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House, said 'women should be championed or revered, not objectified'.
For the record, I never want to be either of those two things. I am not a charitable cause. Being championed makes me sound incapable. And I certainly don't want to be revered — that's one step away from being embalmed in holy oil.
Hopkins is right. Either women are our equal, or they need big strong men to protect them from shocking words.

Then Hopkins took on the whole lot of them:
And before you tell me, 'Yes, but I am not running for President' — neither was Donald. He was a businessman and reality TV show host when he had that private conversation in 2005.
The idea of standing for election wasn't even a twinkle in his roving eye.
But he became a man so sick of the system and its failure to get things done that he decided to stand up for the little man. To use his own money to fund his campaign. To try to give voice to those fed up with the Establishment telling them what to do, lining its own pockets all the while.
Donald Trump made it as the Republican candidate for President against all the odds. Because the average American shared his fatigue with politicians saying one thing and doing quite another, and was afraid of another four years of liberal politics losing control of immigration, the Supreme Court and the Second Amendment.
It will be a cruel irony if the very thing that sees Trump lose this election is that he has human flaws just like the rest of us. 
If he fails, it will be he failed to be be duplicitous enough to be part of the Establishment regular Americans simply cannot stand.
There is a point at which a man must defend honor, decency, and dignity of our nation, which was conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

Which is why I will vote for Trump. We must go forward to a government of the people, by the people, for the people. Right now we have crooks, schnooks, and traitors running the government, and may very well elect a woman who is in all three groups.


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  1. Duplicity: see "Women." Trying to figure out if a woman is a man's equal or deserving of his protection can drive you crazy because they are both. The trouble is trying to figure out which one they are at any given moment because they flip-flop back and forth on a whim. Like Earl Pitts said, "Women. You can't live with 'em, and you can't kill 'em - unless you want to pull some hard time." - Elric

  2. Ms Hopkins is an honest woman.

    Kind of rare in journalism.

  3. Trump talks dirty and hillary is dirty. Not really a choice.