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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

What you endorse when you endorse Hillary

The social justice warriors at the Arizona Republic in Phoenix screwed the pooch and endorsed Hillary Clinton, flipping another conservative newspaper into the liberal column. The newspaper had not endorsed a Democrat for president in its previous 126 years.

The endorsement means the newspaper favors money-laundering, perjury, obstruction of justice, fraud, espionage law violations, and conspiracy. Probably wire fraud and a dozen other lesser and included offenses -- and that just covers her Clinton Foundation scandal.

The endorsement means the newspaper favors wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and a dozen other places -- and that just covers her war record as a senator and as a secretary of State.

The endorsement means the newspaper favors degrading women who dare to report an improper sexual advance, sexual harassment, and sexual assault -- and that just covers her participation in covering up her husband's infidelity as president.

The endorsement means the newspaper does not care that thousands of veterans died waiting for health care at VA facilities, especially the one in Phoenix.

The endorsement means the newspaper favors pay-to-play politics in which foreign donors bought her services as secretary of state.

The endorsement means the newspaper does not support the rule of law but instead favors a bifurcated system in which the FBI not only does not prosecute but grants immunity so that no one else can ever prosecute.

Under Gannett ownership, the Arizona Republic has become the Arizona People's Republic.

This begs the question as to why it did not endorse Obama eight years ago?


Because it is for sure the newspaper is not conservative. Not at all.

Thanks for stabbing 321,000 subscribers in the back.


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  1. Never fear. Many will stab it right back.

  2. Key word: Gannett.
    Home town papers are for the most part the property of oligarchs with an agenda.

    Don't subscribe.

  3. Big D, I get all the news I need to know about from you, Glenn, and Matty Drudge. You're my go-to guys. And I feel at least ten times as informed as someone who spends an hour a day reading toilet paper like the WaPo.

  4. The Arizona Republic was instrumental in launching and backing Goldwater. They've rolled over to the dark side on this one to reflect what Phoenix has become since the 80's--a multicultural cesspool no different from any other urban entitlement enclave. The ironic part is that where Goldwater failed via the eastern elitists, Trump will be successful, and Gannett will left in the long soup line with other useful idiot publishing mills. Also worth noting is that while Phoenix and Tucson have now melded into one continuous stretch of liberalism along central I-10, the once fruity Prescott and Flagstaff has been rolling over to conservatism since about the same time. So, Arizona is not totally lost (until the Boomers and their children die up in the high country).

  5. Never mind the 1.21 gigawatts needed to power the flux capacitor; there ain't enough beer in the entire world to power the beer-goggles needed to make Hillary Cinton look good enough for a newspaper editor to flip.

  6. Excellent post Don. You da man.

    The stupendous array of Hillary's obvious criminality that still, somehow, does not convince people to drop her like hot garbage ... it continues to confound me.

    Do. Not. Get it.

  7. Our local paper, the Billings Gazette, is a great source for Democrat talking points. Other than that it sucks.

  8. Paraphrasing German composer Max Reger (and referring to the Arizona Republic), “I am sitting in the smallest room of my house. I have your endorsement of the Harpy before me. In a moment it will be behind me.”

    Steve in Greensboro