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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

West Virginia v. EPA

While Democratic Party state attorneys general go after scientists who dare doubt global warming, Republican state attorneys general are going after the EPA for trying to regulate carbon dioxide, a nutrient that Congress never authorized the EPA to regulate.

Today, the District Court in DC heard the case, styled as West Virginia v. EPA. In all, 27 states are behind the suit.

Credit Patrick Morrisey. Elected attorney general of West Virginia in 2012, he ended eighty years of Democratic Party domination of that office. He ousted the certifiably lunatic Darrell Vivian McGraw Junior.

McGraw had turned the office into a shakedown outfit. McGraw was willing to sue companies that dared to do business in West Virginia, which Democrats had turned into a judicial hellhole. Things were so bad that corporate defense lawyers told clients to just settle, even though that cut deeply into their billable hours. McGraw parceled out the lawsuits to friends and family, rather than use his huge staff of in-house lawyers. I was never quite sure what they did, as most state offices had their own in-house attorneys.

Morrisey changed that. He's going after government, not business. That's how it should be. We hold government accountable, not citizens.

From Steven Brodie Tucker:
West Virginia vs. the EPA, a court case involving an Obama Administration trick which would make coal powered energy production too costly to sustain, will be heard by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals tomorrow. There are other names by which this court case could be called: The US Economy vs. the EPA, Federalism vs. the EPA or Prosperity vs. Antagonist Obama Administration.
It is cases such as this which give credence to the perceived conservative paranoia that the federal government is a tyrannical behemoth bent on devouring the liberties of its citizens.
Hoppy Kercheval, the dean of Statehouse reporters in West Virginia, wrote today:
West Virginia v. EPA is not just about getting the EPA off coal’s back; it’s also about checking the ability of this and future administrations, Democrat and Republican, from behaving dictatorially when they fail to achieve their ends through democratic methods.

Elections matter. I remember faux conservatives in Charleston not liking Morrisey because he was "from Washington," and had some bizarre plan (in their minds at least) to destroy the state. As if you could after decades of Democratic Party rule that drove off industry; West Virginia had a one-thriving post-coal economy.

Morrisey proved them wrong. He is standing up to Washington.


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  1. DubVee, once again leading the way. This state is awesome. So glad we're here full time now...

  2. He is standing up to Washington and cowering to Big Pharm.

  3. Not only is the EPA overreaching by trying to regular carbon dioxide, they are colluding with "environmentalist" groups to rig court cases and passing around taxpayer money in the millions to these shady groups. Abolish the EPA. - Elric

  4. Never been able to get all worked up about carbon dioxide, not since I first saw the Stooges clowning it up with a seltzer bottle.