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Friday, September 30, 2016

Unleash The Donald

The Hill had a story on Sean Hannity topping the cable news ratings among people 25-64. That's terrible news for Trump. Let me explain why.

From the story:
Trump has not appeared on MSNBC since May and has only joined CNN once since June, appearing almost exclusively on Fox News and Fox Business Network.
This is the Ted Cruz strategy. In the primary season, Cruz shunned mainstream media interviews and lost, while Trump took on all comers and won.

Trump needs to dominate television again. He needs to give exclusive interviews to everyone again. Boycotting shows that made him, such as "Morning Joe" is a classic case of cutting the nose to spite the face.

Hannity is gobbling this up. From the story:
Hannity — an unapologetic supporter of Donald Trump — averaged 525,000 viewers in the demographic and 2.39 million total viewers, according to Nielsen.
Trump is a frequent guest on the Hannity and O'Reilly programs. Trump has done at least one town hall show per month with Hannity in recent months.
Good for him. But good luck keeping the show if Trump loses.

Trump needs to do an exclusive interview every day. Let them ask about Miss Piggy and all the other baloney. The nation has bigger problems and Trump can counter the silly arguments by bringing up real problems.

Tweeting won't cut it.

Kellyanne Conway, his new campaign manager, is on television too much. I don't want to see her. I want to see him.

He's the best salesman the campaign has.

Unleash The Donald.


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  1. Actually Tweeting cuts it, I'm not sure that Donald's tweet today telling people to go online to watch "Miss Piggy's" sex tape five days after the debate is very presidential. And how are such tweets showing he knows what the "real problems" are?
    BTW - Hannity makes close to $30 million a year and yet he criticizes the media as "elite." I can only image how big your yacht and winter Florida home are there Don.

  2. Sounds reasonable, although the first polls post-debate look very good.

  3. I agree, Don- "Unleash the Donald!"

    He's been far too restrained lately. He needs to get back to what put him on the map to begin with: telling the truth loudly and forcefully, taking on all comers and NOT BACKING DOWN!

  4. Don is definitely right. Today USA Today wrote a righteous screed attacking DT as the Antichrist. Let his show his horns!He will be loved all the more.