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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Piers Morgan on Trump and terrorism

Piers Morgan -- the bane of the Second Amendment -- agrees with the National Rifle Association's candidate for president.

Wait, what?

From Piers Morgan, former CNN British import:
How many more of these potential killers are out there, ready to strike in the name of their warped view of Islam? We don’t know, nobody does.
That’s the problem.
And that’s why Donald Trump is damn right to keep shouting about it, even if some of his comments are unpalatable.
At least he seems to understand the gravity of the situation and is coming up with plans to try to deal with it.
This week, it emerged the Obama administration wrongly granted citizenship to over 800 immigrants awaiting deportation from ‘countries of concern’ because the Department of Homeland Security didn’t have their fingerprints on file.
The Washington and media elite seems more intent on mocking, belittling and abusing Trump himself than on such staggering and dangerous incompetence.
They need to realize he’s not the real enemy here, and that when it comes to Islamic terror, Trump’s been proven absolutely, horribly right.
We know why he backs the NRA candidate: because terrorism trumps all other concerns.

We know why terrorism trumps all other concerns: because we are terrorized.

We know why we are terrorized: because the Western governments (except Japan) have failed to protect us -- because unlike Japan, the other Western countries do not restrict Muslim immigration.

The media which lies to us with a regularity that seems to come from planning calls the numerous coordinated attacks in the United States and Europe "lone wolf" activities.

We need to ban travel by Muslims in the United States to any Muslim state except Saudi Arabia (and then only out of respect for pilgrimages to Mecca).

We are at war. Trump will fight it. Hillary-Jeb-Obama-Never Trump won't.


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  1. Trump's unashamed patriotism, like Reagan's before him, is an embarrassment to the cynical and manipulative.

  2. Being "proven absolutely, horribly right" is a great endorsement for a candidate.

  3. Muslims do not think like we do and have a totally alien worldview. Why should we be made to welcome child molesters, polygamists, and wife beaters with welcome arms? Our government "betters" are acting in open defiance of our Constitution and our personal and collective safety. - Elric

    1. They want them here for the same reason "they" want them in France, NYC, London: They vote for the left in the present more than 80%, propagate rapidly so a good political investment for the future. London is becoming Kuwait as far as I could tell last month and Paris is not far behind. It's famous areas are now bereft of tourists, with a few soldiers walking around holding automatic weapons to provide the weak illusion of security to the depressed populace.
      There as well as here the narrative of the feckless and selfish leaders and their media cannali is: getting blown up is a small risk so why get so excited? A Fox host bragged he continued to party during the recent commotion in Manhattan. Very cool.
      That Trump is not as selfish as his opponents is becoming more apparent everyday

  4. When the Left has lost John Oliver on something...

  5. What older, supposedly more "sophisticated" cultures never seem to be able to grasp, is that American democracy will tolerate a lot, but should you once manage to goad it into a fury, it sets aside all restraint and grinds mechanically to victory.

    It does have the saving grace that, once the goad is removed, it rapidly forgives. Like helping the punk you just whomped up off the bar-room floor, as it were.

    WW2 textbooks would be more instructive if in the preface they featured a photo of the USS Arizona on fire juxtaposed to one of Hiroshima.

    The caption: "This is how it began. This is how it ended. Let's not do it again, eh?"

  6. I'm shocked. I can't believe reality has seeped so far into the progressive bubble that he agrees with Trump.

    Don, you were right. Trump is going to win - in a landslide. I saw him possibly winning, believe it's now likely that he wins.

    But for the first time I wonder if it won't be a landslide. Everyone is waking up, even the craziest anti-2nd amendment propagandists.