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Sunday, September 04, 2016

Paragon of parenting dumps on Trump's children

LANGUAGE WARNING: I quote a liberal.

Katie Jerkovich of the Daily Caller wrote: "What Madonna Just Called Donald Trump’s Sons Will Strike A Nerve."

Here's the story:
Why Madonna’s kids want nothing to do with her
In the 1980s and ’90s, Madonna was the embodiment of young rebellion — appearing nude in Playboy, fellating a water bottle in her film “Truth or Dare,” angering the Catholic Church with her provocative videos and lyrics. She wore a wedding gown and “boy toy” belt buckle; hooked up with Sandra Bernhard and Sean Penn; and published a book of soft-core porn with pals like Vanilla Ice.
So it might be karma that her biggest challenge today is keeping her own kids in line.
Insiders say her two teenagers, Rocco and Lourdes, are fed up with the Material Mom’s mixed messages — and they’re acting out their frustration. They “crave stability,” says a Guy Ritchie source, but their mother’s relentless touring schedule has made that difficult. Multiple insiders note the children also feel Madonna is “too controlling.”
Most notably, the family is suddenly embroiled in a custody dispute between Madonna and her ex-husband, film director Ritchie, over their 15-year-old son, Rocco. After the teen stubbornly resisted Madonna’s demands that he return from his father’s London home to the Big Apple for the holidays, she took her beef to a higher power: A Manhattan Civil Supreme Court judge ruled that Rocco must return to New York before the January start of his school session at Lycée Français de New York.
Oops, wrong link.

Now here's the story:
Madonna just made it clear with her latest post online that she is not a fan of Donald Trump or his sons and that she plans to vote for Hillary Clinton in November.
Of course Madonna is going to vote for the corrupt liar.

Birds of a feather.
Madonna posted a picture of his eldest sons posing with a hunting trophy, a leopard. She wrote: “How Big of Pussy do you have to be to kill this Noble Animal for sport? Just ask Donald Trump Jr and his brother Eric. One more reason to vote for Hillary!”
By the way, Jerkovich neither sought comment from the Trumps nor mentioned Madonna's own maternal issues.


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  1. So the Trump boys killed a Leopard? I believe this was one that killed people-a man eater.
    Of course Madonna would side with the Man-eater...

    BTW wife grew up in the same home town in Michigan
    that Madonna grew up in.
    During Madonna' rise, wife said : " So that explains the little girl in my old neighborhood selling peeks under her dress for a nickel..."

  2. A leopard is one of the most dangerous animals on the planet. They can be quite crafty, so props to The Donald's son.

  3. Lived in Africa when I was young. In a sparsely populated area to boot. Got a brief glimpse of a leopard one time. Tough to find, tough to kill.

  4. Madonna: Past her sell-by date. By about 10years.

    Rocco: Should return to NY, check in at school, and take the next flight back to London.

  5. My first cousin is actually the killer of Cecil The Lion. True story. I get killing pheasant, ducks, goose, grouse, and did a buncha that growing up. But big game? Nah. Except if it's legal, and you have all the papers and whatnot, then what's the matter here?

  6. Madonna reminds me of the motel owner's mother in the movie "Psycho."

  7. How would you like to have the last name "Jerkovich"? In Russian translates to "son of jerk". The acorn did not fall far from the tree.

    1. Agree. Sometimes the last name fits the occupation. Shoemaker, Carpenter, Barber, Jerkovich.