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Monday, September 12, 2016

Not the symptom, but the cure

"Trump’s a symptom, not the disease." -- Instapundit on Sunday.

At the risk of charges of heresy, Glenn Reynolds is wrong. Trump's not a symptom; he's the cure for a government of the government, by the government, and for the government. Don't sell short his supporters just because they are not credentialed with a college degree.

As my niece (a grandmother) told me in March: Trump's crazy -- like a fox.

His supporters get that Trump is not only a successful businessman, but a showman. They understand the difference between "Celebrity Apprentice" and how he actually runs a business. They know "You're fired" is just a tagline, and that he would never publicly humiliate someone like that.

I doubt his critics have watched the show, which is fine. They do not like the man. But if they have not watched the show, then they should not cite it.

The federal government is broken. Congress ceded too much power to the federal bureaucracy, giving it the power to write laws by promulgating regulations. But under civil service the president has too few appointees to control this Sorcerer's Apprentice of regulation. They wish to create a utopia where no one dies, no one cries, and no one is ever hurt -- all the things that make life "life."

With government on all levels now generating one-third of the economy, businesses would be irresponsible not to cater to that sector. According to Atlantic Monthly, this year's election is a $6 billion industry. Consultant fees skimmed off can reach the seven figures.

That money comes from investors. For example, George P. Kaiser of Tulsa, Oklahoma, raised $100,000 for Barack Obama in 2008 -- and walked away two years later with a $535 million federal guaranteed loan for one of his companies.


That's quite a return on investment.

Gaming the system like this goes on only so long as you take care of the voters. Washington stopped doing that. Or rather, Washington stopped taking care of voters who were not the core of the Democratic constituency. Democrats pandered to voting blocs. Consultants told Republicans to pander to those same voting blocs or be consigned to be a minority party forevermore. The damage done to the country by the political consultants cannot be ignored.

Into this failed system enters Trump. He is not going to be bought off. He has all the money he needs. He is not going to pander. He is not going to pay the trolls in the political consultancy class.

Of course, the consultants have buddies in the media, from reporters to Rupert Murdoch. Trump is the No. 1 threat to their game. They are the tailors without any thread from The Emperor's New Clothes. They have on the one hand created trouble for him by turning the media against him, while they aided him by turning the media against him. Trump's favorables may be in the 40s, but the news media's is in the single digits.

The system is rigged. Trump will un-rig it simply by winning on November 8. To be sure, they can stop him after the election. After all, they control a $3.8 trillion enterprise called the federal government that chews up and spits out guys like Trump every day. But his election breaks the fever. I hope against hope that Trump actually beats the system after that.

How appropriate that a sick little old lady -- Hillary Gollum Clinton -- is the champion of the system.


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  1. I agree that Trump is the cure, but what can we say as a comparison? Trump is the super strain of penicillin for our syphilitic bureaucracy? Trump is the bariatric staples for our overindulgent government? Where is teapartydoc when you need him? - Elric

  2. Perhaps the great un-credentialed unwashed have something the credentialed illiteri don't - common sense...

  3. Trump is crazy like a fox -- and it's a bad year to be a chicken.

    I too hope against hope that Trump is able to beat the system after winning the election. DC is worse than the Augean Stables.

  4. "Don't sell short his supporters just because they are not credentialed with a college degree."

    And some of us DJT supporters have multiple advanced degrees AND professional credentials as highly regarded as those of the esteemed law professor. Don't sell the Trumpsters short. This is a bull market for Trump stock. Buy long. Do not sell short.

    1. Some of us have Master degrees in engineering and we are deplorable!

    2. OH hellz yeah IA! I am sick and tired of being lumped in as uneducated. We are making an informed decision about our future. Deal with it, you elitists...

  5. Insta is a Libertarian and the Libertarians back the One True Ted.

    BTW I found more Cruzzer insanity on Insta than anywhere else.

  6. Leftards fail to notice that it's mostly the so-called "deplorables" that guard and feed them.

  7. Good on ya' Don, I don't like Reynolds *at all*. He strikes me as an anti-government 'libertarian' who thinks that if we just remove government and borders, the US will evolve into a happy la-la land where 1 billion muslims, buddhists, anamists, Christians, Jews, and anyone else who wants to come here will prosper and love one another because all anyone wants in life is free markets and open borders. I think the guy smoked too much weed in his college days, or something. He is no patriot and he never will say anything about stopping immigration. Quick to bash the left and democrats, but never could muster up an encouraging or complimentary word about Donald Trump. He hides behind the constitution, like Ted, that says nothing about immigration or trade deals. Go away Reynolds, have you not noticed that your site attracts pretty much nothing but lunatics.

  8. We got the guns. We got the ammo. We got the will. Wanna mess with us? Go ahead...

  9. Reynolds is an open borders globalist at heart. He went to Yale Law and will stray only so far from his communist underpinnings. Try changing my mind when Reynolds prints a column calling for a halt to muzzie immigration, immigration moratorium, deportation of illegals, or he supports the Great Trump Wall. No nationalist, Reynolds, he doesn't want to get labeled on the UT campus and miss out on those awesome lunches at the Faculty Club.

  10. There is nothing more funny than a leftie with his knickers in a twist. (Which Dave Barry would say is a great name for a band.)

  11. "Hillary Gollum Clinton."
    She Jettisoned her Smegol side along time ago..
    She doesn't even argue with herself...

  12. No more Instalanches for the Don Surber Blog. To claim without any possible way to prove it, that Trump is the "cure" for big government and then to turn around and say " To be sure, they can stop him after the election. After all, they control a $3.8 trillion enterprise called the federal government that chews up and spits out guys like Trump every day."

    Well sir, you can work that out with the other Trumpeters with nose rings. Not my problem.

  13. Can someone help interpret gadfly's brainfart? I am not sure which language it is written in. Maybe gadfly was a ghost writer for michelle obama's Princeton thesis?