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Thursday, September 29, 2016

NBC: You cannot accept online polls -- except ours

NBC News believes that Hillary won the debate. The fact-based universe does not matter.

Oh, Alexandra Jaffe admitted there are polls that show he won.

But she dismissed them:
A number of online polls showed him to be the winner, but there's some question over how accurate they were and whether they may have been manipulated by Trump supporters. For all his public bluster, Trump seemed aware of this fact, spending nearly the entire rally re-litigating the debate, this time with the help of a teleprompter.
But along with her story, NBC highlighted this:
Poll: Majority of Voters Say Clinton Won First Debate
A majority of likely voters (52 percent) who either watched the debate or said they followed debate coverage in the news said Hillary Clinton won the first presidential debate on Monday night, according to the NBC News|SurveyMonkeyDebate Reaction Poll. Just 21 percent of likely voters thought Donald Trump won the debate, and 26 percent said neither candidate won the debate.
Survey Monkey is an online poll.


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  1. NBC has the credibility of Baron Von Munchausen.

  2. The real point about the online polls is enthusiasm. When a Democrat is losing the online poll at Slate and Time, it is an indication that their readers, though heavily Democrat, just are enthusiastic. If you can't get your supporters to click you the winner in an online poll, can you really expect to get into a polling booth?

  3. Yet, somehow, even though "losing" the debate, he moved up in the polls. Gonna enjoy your sequel Don.

  4. Online polls unacceptable? What is she, General Jaruzelski?

  5. "who either watched the debate or said they followed debate coverage in the news"

    Followed the coverage in the news? Like the news saying she "won"?
    How is that in ANY WAY okay to use as a statistical qualifier