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Thursday, September 08, 2016

I like Seth Mandel


  1. Just remember, if you're coasting, you are by definition going downhill.

    1. Or slowing down. According to the media, she can't lose, but we KNOW they lie and want her to win.

  2. Funny how the media's "This race is OVER!" propaganda has quietly disappeared.

    Remember the "Hillary's team prepares for a landslide" meme a few weeks ago?

    If the numbers looked good for Hillary, the media would be pounding this into our brain.

    Meanwhile, Hillary's advertising like crazy here in the NY Hudson Valley.

    New York? I've never seen a presidential commercial in my 20 years as a NYer, because it's been so reliably Democrat. If she's such a lock, why is she spending money HERE?

  3. IMHO that's a double edged sword. If Trump were a better candidate he would be kicking her ass in the polls by double digits.