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Friday, September 30, 2016

Hillary leads among college graduates earning less than $35,000 a year

The Los Angeles Times poll shows Trump up by 5.6 points (47.3% to 41.7%) as September ends.

But a reader pointed out Hillary leads in two categories.

By age, it is Trump across the board. Among the young (under 35) he is up by 7.5 Among the old (65 and up) he leads by 6.7. And in between (35-64) he leads by 3.9.

Ah but among college graduates, Hillary leads by 15.2 points. He leads among those without a BA or BS).

And among those earning less than $35,000 a year, Hillary leads by 10.4 points. He leads among those making $35,000 or more.

My reader stated in an email: "Can we therefore conclude that the 'college grad or up"' Hillary supports are all useless-to-society low-paid SJW-studies majors (English, History, Women/Black/Latino/etc Studies, etc.)?"


I would add journalism to the list of worthless SJW degrees.

They are not educated. They are indoctrinated.

Trump by the way has 16.9 percent of the black vote and 33.8 percent of the Hispanic/Latin vote.

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Being asked to join Scholars and Writers for America (can't say Rump-tay in the title due to election laws) pushed me a tad forward.


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  1. Wut, are you suggesting that stupid Millenials are Hillary's base? Hmm, not much of a base...

  2. Sounds like Hillary attracts the grads who can't hold a job. Diversity hires, mayhap.

    17 percent of the black vote and 34 percent of the Hispanic/Latin vote, no wonder the Demos can't win for losing.

  3. I suspect she doesn't lead with engineers, scientists (hard science, that is .. chemistry, physics, etc), and so on.

    Anyone for whom there's only one answer to the question "What does 2 + 2 equal?"

  4. (@The Old and Unimproved Dave...Your suspicion is correct. AKA: STEMMIES FO TRUMP)

    Add political science and, of course, psychology to the list of non-dischargable student loan recipients. (no Caps intended) (which is the default major for entering undecided 1st years at most 4 year daycare centers)

    Speaking of student loans...can you guess why that money bracket likes the FSA platform?

    Now Don, you're clearly teasing us on second helpings, no? The clownshow going on now is good for at least 10 chapters or so. What ya say?

  5. I really appreciated the "Scholars & Writers" statement of support. Thank you all.

  6. You missed her third major category, the dead.

  7. You want proof that Trump's winning?

    How many media outlets' theme after the debate was "Trump Lost" rather than "Clinton Won"...?

    You know of many Olympic Games commentators that focus on the silver place-getter rather than the gold? Clinton is screwed, blued and tattooed, she just doesn't know it yet.

    Even when he comes off second-best, it's all about Trump.

    And given the Left's been gotcha!-ing Trump non-stop for the past year, all the viewers are gotcha!-ed out. He could do Mark Twain's Royal Nonesuch, and all the Left's frenzied denunciations would raise is another yawn.

  8. Are these the same Bernie-supporting millennials that dwell in their parents basements?

  9. The baristae in the basements. Mrs. Bill Clinton doesn't seem to think much of them.