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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Hillary coughs up the CNN Poll lead

Donald Trump bounced back in the CNN Poll in August as he erased a nine-point lead by Hillary Clinton in the July 29-31 poll, and took a one-point lead in the September 1-4 poll.

The poll also showed Trump's favorables/unfavorables are better than hers, as he has a -9 favorability rating, while she is at -14.

The ten-point swing shocked the Never Trump crowd which hoped for a 50-state landslide for Hillary and a retaking of the House and Senate by Congress so that the neocons could take over the Republican Party again. They want a minority party subservient to the Democrats again.

Trump spent August holding rallies as he drew more than a quarter million people to twenty events. He met with the president of Mexico in Mexico, and delivered solid speeches on economic policy, immigration policy, and making our cities safer. His outreach to African-American voters threatens to scale back Clinton's support among a group that now provides one-fourth of the Democratic vote.

Clinton holed up with her campaign staff and large donors as she rested from her party's convention. Her few public appearances have revealed a frail woman who tries to hide her weight gain with a series of attention-grabbing tent outfits. Even on the coldest days, she wears coats.

At a small rally in Cleveland on Labor Day, Clinton coughed for two minutes in a disturbing display of her poor health.

Meanwhile, Trump visited the small town of Canfield, Ohio, population 7,515, to a cheering crowd that reached into the thousands.

The CNN poll in July was of registered voters. It gave her a 52-43 lead over Trump.

The latest CNN poll is of likely voters, usually a more accurate measurement. It gives Trump a lead of 49-48 over her. Among registered voters they are tied at 48.

A four-way race gives him a 45-43 lead with Johnson at 7 and Stein at 2. That is among likely voters.

By the way, Trump's lead comes despite 59 percent saying they think she will win, while only 34 percent said she will win. Imagine the bandwagon once people realize she is no shoo-in.

I have said, the polls are not rigged. I have also said he will win. Trump is in the driver's seat. The faces at National Review are getting longer.


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  1. I'm no fan of Hillary. I hope she loses. However, I am healthy and have once and a while had a two minute "coughing fit" when I aspirated water or saliva by mistake.

    1. How often is "once and a while" for you?

      Nowhere near as often as her coughing fits, I bet.

  2. Hillary is a choke artist!

  3. She gives new meaning to the term "political hack".

    1. Best comment I've seen on this. Is it original?

  4. "Even on the coldest days, she wears coats."

    Wouldn't you? That's what coats are for: COLD days. Now if you meant to type HOT days, well that would indeed be odd behavior, yes it would........

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. This is what a political implosion looks like. Children - meaning pretty much the entire Dumbocrat Party - may be disturbed by the images that follow. Parental discretion is advised.

  7. Coughs up? Yes, it's rather like that children's rhyme, "There was a old lady who swallowed a fly", only in reverse.

  8. 'Even on the coldest days, she wears coats.'

    I know, it's a typo - actually the hottest days. I read somewhere else about that. It's possible that her health issues are causing her chills on those days. I suspect it's more likely that it helps hide medical apparatus.

    Either way, if her health issues become known to the general public, that could swing things a bit further away from her. (I'm convinced that at least 4/5ths of her supporters would vote for a corpse at this rate.)