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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fox News: No. 1 liberal news outlet

With the exception of Sean Hannity, there is not one Fox News contributor backing the conservative candidate in the 2016 presidential race. For all its bloviating over the years about the liberal bias in the mainstream media. Fox News is the No. 1 cable channel of all, including ESPN. And now Fox News is just as liberal.

When you look at where some of that $2.3 billion a year in Fox News revenues go, the reason is clear. The Family Murdoch has invested heavily in Hillary Clinton's election. They want access, and so the family is doing all it can to elect her.

From Breitbart on January 26:
21st Century Fox/News Corp. ranks ninth on the list of the top “corporate and union donors to the Clintons over two decades,” according to a little-noticed list compiled by The Wall Street Journal in 2014. The list counts donations from “companies, foundations, and employees.”
21st Century Fox also ranks as the 13th biggest contributor to Hillary Clinton during her political career, according to a database maintained by the Center for Responsive Politics. The database credits the Rupert Murdoch-owned company as having pitched in $340,936 to her campaigns. That puts Fox just below Lehman Brothers, but eleven spots below second-place Goldman Sachs, on the pro-Clinton list.
Fox News has played its conservative viewers for suckers.

Consider the debate. Dozens of online polls showed viewers clearly thought Trump won, yet all but one of two dozen people quoted in Fox News's "Who Won? Pundits Weigh In on Trump-Clinton Debate" said Hillary won. The lone exception said it was a tie.

The quotes.

From Bernard Goldberg, who makes his living now mocking liberal bias in the media: "Trump started strong. But he can't run from his past -- Birther, Tax Returns."

From Ben Shapiro: "First 30 minutes: all Trump. Since then, disaster for Trump."

From Katie Pavlich: "Trump clearly has no idea what nuclear first use is"

From Rich Lowry: "Gotcha question on first use and Trump evidently doesn't know what it is"

From Michael Reagan, sounding more like brother Ron Junior by the hour: "She ended up looking and acting more Presidential....its the truth"

From Montel Williams: "Missing from @realDonaldTrump circus freak performance was anything remotely approaching a conservative idea"

From David A. French: "After the first fifteen-twenty minutes, it was like the SS Trump hit the iceberg, then backed up and hit it again just because."

And on and on and on.

Now everyone is entitled to their opinion, but Fox News should balance out its anti-Trump, pro-Hillary pundits with a Trump guy.

Hell, CNN hired Corey Lewandowski.

Fox News has become another liberal media outlet.



It might as well be staffed by the faculty at Brown. (See previous post.)


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  1. I think it is O'Sullivans law: "Any organization not explicitly conservative will turn liberal over time." They always claimed to be fair and balanced which means they did hire liberals and conservatives. Once liberals got into hiring hey excluded conservatives. Time to invest in another upstart network.

    1. Kinda like the way labor unions were commie-tized in the '30s.
      And how towns like Austin got ruined.

    2. No, the Murdoch brothers did this.

      It was no gradual decline.

  2. FOX TV programming is a mix of CCTV broadcasts of cage fights and loud arguments between drunks in a bar just before the 2 am closing time. And any network that would keep Juan Williams on is a network I'm not going to watch. As FOX's designated on-air spokesman and apologist for Hillary, Williams comes across as even more unhinged than the extreme birther the Left accuses Trump of being.

    1. They seem to forget they're a "national" news channel, not just one for New York City, Northern New Jersey, and California.
      For Pete's sake, we really don't need to have a "fox news alert" for wildfires in California. Or have cut-aways for extended speeches by Trump or Clinton (or even Obama).
      Or spend a whole day (or two or ninety) on "news" when there's nothing *new* to report. Just give a quickie wrapup a couple of times an hour.
      I enjoy shows like the Five, and Gutfeld, and RedEye. Hate to see them eaten up with NYC minutiae.

    2. Gutfeld is a bad imitation of a wisecracking Jon Stewart, from a right- rather than left- perspective. When Gutfeld is challenged after he makes one of those snarky remarks he considers to be a brilliant witticism, he quickly backtracks and retreats instead of defending what he said.

  3. Hillary Clinton's Hand Tremor During the Debate well now

    1. Maybe she was practicing her Morse Code.

    2. Morse code for "Lester, help me!"

    3. Morse code for "Lester, help me!"

    4. What did she have in her left ear? Was it a hearing aid?

    5. Seems clear she was using baseball-type "I'm scratching my cheek right now Lester, let me in!" signals:

  4. I wonder if they will realize that Trump isn't playing to them?

    -Mikey NTH

  5. We watched Fox for years but recently it is almost impossible, and sad too. I no longer feel any of the actors gives thier real opinion about anything, as if Bezos is standing behind the WaPo columnists or Murdoch and his sons are sitting beside the Fox regulars. For those who live in the City the reason seems pretty obvious, they are afraid of their bosses, all of whom are afraid of Trump, of having wasted all that cash invested in HC, or worse not gaining a partner to play along with whatever scheme they might come up with to have the government help them gain or protect market share. As for the help, If Roger Ailes could be fired, what about little old them?
    Of course,the actual reason for this fear is unknown to me, or if it even exists, but in NYC money is usually at the bottom of every decision, and this one involves big money, as in multi billions. To the money men who are the media today, HC is a reliable companion on their manicured garden path of graft and influence. DT is an unknown, so a potential for losses, big losses, big anxiety. If Trump wins against these odds and opposition it will be unprecedented in American political life with consequences few can foresee. However if he seems inevitable, say by insurmountable late polls, or some implosive failure on her part, Murdoch may very well rush back to him, even at the last minute, a deathbed conversion to get forgiveness and the keys to those accessible pearly gates, leaving those with the cloven hoof where they always are and forever will be.

  6. I have never been a Fox viewer, too much crap on the screen. I rely on Surber, Ace of Spades and a few other internet news groups to help me find nuggets valuable enough to keep. F&*^% the MSM.

  7. Once they started going after Ailes, you knew the jig was up.

    If Trump founds a Conservative news network, maybe Ailes will run it.

  8. Judge Jeanine Pirro is on Fox, I believe. She's strongly in the Trump camp, as is Hannity. Lou Dobbs is still pretty Fair and Balanced, IMHO. Not many others! Greta was pretty fair to Trump too, but she's seen which way the wind is blowing (Murdoch boys) so she left before they dropped the ax on her (she's smart, too.)

    I'm only mentioning what I've seen on video clips- I haven't had a cable TV connection for years and sure don't miss it. It would be nice to watch Judge Jeanine's full show, but not nice enough to put up with all the other crap.

    I hope everyone realizes that paying for your TV bundle means all the networks get paid, whether you watch them or not. That's why you can't get to see what you want to see! They divide up the $$ so while you may watch Fox and think MSNBC is crap that shouldn't be on the air... YOU'RE PAYING FOR IT! Sure would like to change that arrangement, but it seems to be set in stone.

    1. Greta was axed. It wasn't voluntary.