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Monday, September 26, 2016

Canadian liberals use Trump to raise money

Canada's Justin Trudeau, the Jeb of the North, is using the rise of Donald Trump to raise money for his political party.

From CBC News:
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been reluctant to weigh in on the U.S. election, and the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency, but the Liberal Party has clearly staked out its position on the choice facing Americans ahead of tonight's debate.
Although the email does not refer to either of the U.S. candidates by name, it characterizes the U.S. campaign as a choice between opposing values — and leaves no doubt about which side the Liberal Party is on.
"A fundamental choice will be on display tonight south of the border, when two U.S. presidential candidates go toe to toe in the first presidential debate — and many of the themes might be familiar to you. 
"Hope or fear? Diversity or division? Openness and inclusion, or turning our backs on the world?" writes Braeden Caley, the director of communications for the Liberal Party, in the fundraising email to supporters.
Maybe Justin Bieber Trudeau can propose a wall and have America pay for it.

Imagine trying to make a buck off Trump's popularity. Has he no shame?


I sure don't!

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  1. They dare use "hope" after eight years of Obama? And imply that this is what The Clot offers? Inclusion? Does that include us irredeemable deplorables? No. Probably a bunch of foreigners who have just showed up with their hands out. Is a nation deciding to care about its own turning its back on the world? Or just getting its priorities back into proper order? It seems as though the people who call me Nazi want to shove their values down the throats of their fellow Americans for fun and profit.

  2. Justin probably plays butt darts. My wife and I left a party in PEI, our supposed dream vacation, more like a nightmare, when these people started sticking coins between their butt cheeks, waddling across a room, and attempting to drop them into a jar. This was considered great fun in Canada. Eff Canada.

    1. To its great honor, Canada has the distinguished Princess Pat Light Infantry. To its dishonor, it also has the fascist Human Rights Commission. It's too cold there, so it's not a place I'd want to live or to visit. I'm just pleased that the liberal supporters of Hillary will have a place to move to north of the border when Trump wins the upcoming election.

    2. And Lord Strathcona's Horse. Canada is not without valor, and I do not say this just because my grandfather was a Canadian and RFC in WWI.

      -Mikey NTH

  3. "See the map they're hovering right over us
    Tell you the truth it makes me kinda nervous."

    Weird Al Yankovic - "Canadian Idiot"

  4. CNN just announced Hillary won the debates. Just kidding.

  5. CNN just announced Hillary won the debates. Just kidding.

  6. After the "Port Huron Float Down" I am not surprised that Canada wants to raise money.

    Just in case the next incursion is the opening for "Operation Leaf Blower."

    -Mikey NTH*

    *And NTH means that of all of the mike, and Mike, and Mikey and mikey you will find on the internet, I am the 'NTH' Mikey out there. And I have run the handle for over a dozen years, so I keep it.

    -Mikey NTH

  7. That place is loopy. I was at a recent event with a mayor of one of Canada's largest cities. The guy struck me as a complete froot loop. The discussion was urbanization and he said that polls showed consistently that his citizens wanted the same things in their cities: blah blah blah 'and to live around people different from themselves.' Leftists are such sneaky weasels and they slip lies like this into the conversation when they think no one is listening. That is a flat out lie -- people want to live around others LIKE THEM. But liberals love to reinvent reality and I think Canada is full of these dreamers. No thanks