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Monday, September 19, 2016

''By the time I finished this book, I resented its existence"

Over the weekend, I had a little fun with Amazon reviews of Hillary's new book. They were hilarious spoofs of Trump's opponent. But Carlos Lozada of the Washington Post put his career on the line when he wrote, "Hillary Clinton And Tim Kaine Have Written A Deplorable Campaign Book."

Jeff Bezos, the new owner of the Washington Post is not going to like that, especially after Hillary chews him out.

From the book review:
By the time I finished this book, I resented its existence.
“Stronger Together,” ostensibly written by Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine — they are listed as authors and each provides a brief, first-person introduction explaining how hard their parents worked, and a brief, first-person conclusion explaining how hard they themselves work — is a self-confessed cut-and-paste job of campaign fact sheets, speeches and op-eds. That sets rather modest expectations. Yet, even by that standard, and the low bar for candidates’ campaign books overall, “Stronger Together” is an embarrassment, sloppy, repetitive, dutiful and boring. This is a book that, 237 pages in, actually thanks readers for making it that far.
I don’t understand why this book was compiled — “written” is too generous a verb — or why it was published. If you really want to dive into the Clinton/Kaine promises and proposals, the campaign website awaits you. You don’t need to wade through this book. No one does. No one should. The only people I imagine reading it are future fact-checkers, masochistic book critics and the most strung out of political junkies.
This book was slapped together, barely edited and placed before us quickly, as if to cross one more item off a to-do list, or meet some overwhelming yet imaginary demand. But why rush a book no one’s going to read?
As an antidote, I think I will send him a copy of a real good book on Campaign 2016. Mine. It's a fun read. Hillary is averaging 1.6 on a scale of one to five at Amazon. I'm at 4.97 because "Trump the Press" is the best thing I have ever written, and I made my living writing for 40 years. The book is a look at how the political elites blew the Republican nomination process this year.

I am in the same Kindle category as Hillary. She was No. 1. Sunday afternoon, I was at No. 11 without a big name, a billion-dollar presidential campaign, and no marketing beyond my blog -- and a few key book reviewers. I thank loyal readers for their encouragement, their support, and their reviews. I trust that I rewarded them with 254 pages of pleasure.

Please purchase "Trump the Press" through Create Space.

The book also available in Kindle and as a paperback on Amazon.

Autographed copies area available. Email me at for details.


  1. Thank you,Don. A great mid-morning laugh.

  2. She was an abusive and graceless First Lady, an undistinguished US Senator from the state of New York, an incompetent Secretary of State, and a twice-failed bumbling nominee for the presidency. And her supporters think she would make a great CEO for America? What in the world are they smoking? Folks, put a fork in it; she's done. Unless Trump whips out a gun at a presidential debate and shoots one of the moderators dead with the entire country watching, next year his postal address will be 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

  3. Is Carlos still employed at the WaPo?

  4. I have a guilty admission, Don- those Amazon reviews of Hillary's book are almost as much fun as your book was to read!

    Your book tells a great story, though- where those reviews only serve to tell me that Hillary's book hasn't got any story to tell. It's amazing that an honest review of that rubbish came out in the WaPo!

  5. These campaign books are just dodges to have people purchase pallets of them once they've hit their campaign contribution limits (see former Speaker Jim Wright). Thing is, with the new contribution rules, they can just dump money into a PAC or foundation without having to buy no stinkin' pallets of books.


  7. I'd rather be schlonged than schlorted. I think I'll take a flyer on her burn-without-reading book along with the Kaine, who's nothing but a clownish looking Obama II without the charm, the smarts, the aplomb, the grace, and just about everything else. I've never seen him from behind because I'm convinced he's a Dembot who's James Carville's long lost twin brother.

  8. kaine looks like an oompa loompa check it out!

  9. "The book also available in Kindle and as a paperback on Amazon." -- in my cart.